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11 Essential Estate Planning Documents and Strategies

Last update on: May 26 2020

You still need an estate plan.

Tax reform greatly increased the exemption amounts for federal estate and gift taxes. That means most of us don’t have to worry about estate taxes.

But Estate Planning has always been about much more than just taxes. It is about ensuring your assets are transferred to the next generation of owners as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is about avoiding waste and mismanagement of your wealth. It also is about ensuring your comfort, care and financial security. A good estate plan improves family harmony, while a bad estate plan can trigger a family split.

After tax reform, we can spend our time focused on accomplishing these important goals instead of worrying about taxes.

To accomplish these and other goals, your plan needs the right documents.

That’s what I explain in this episode of the Retirement Watch Spotlight Series.

I review the documents that are essential to every estate plan, no matter your net worth. You’ll learn what’s needed to accomplish all your goals, ensure your own security and reduce the burden of your executor and other survivors. (Actually, I discuss more than 11 essential estate planning documents and strategies, but who’s counting?)

This episode will help ensure that your estate plan is complete and will enhance your legacy.

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