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12 Social Security Myths and Mistakes

Last update on: Mar 16 2020

Social Security is a foundation of retirement income for most retirees, and it increases in value as one ages.

Yet, few people really understand how the program works or the benefits it offers. Mistakes and misunderstandings about Social Security cost many people and their loved ones tens of thousands of dollars, or more, over their lifetimes.

Remember, Social Security is the only source of guaranteed lifetime income most people have, and it is indexed for inflation. Even people with relatively high income or high net worth receive a significant portion of their income from Social Security.

The more time one spends in retirement, the more important Social Security becomes, Other assets will get whittled down over time, and other sources of income can’t maintain their current level of purchasing power against inflation.

In this online seminar, I’ll review some of the key mistakes and myths regarding Social Security. Whether you have already retired or are 10 or more years from retirement, you’ll learn information and strategies that will help increase your financial independence.  I’m going to cover much more than when to begin Social Security benefits. Perhaps most importantly, I’ll discuss the growing threat to Social Security recipients from identity theft and other scams, and how to protect yourself.

The next Spotlight Series: In my semi-annual Investment and Economic Review and Outlook, I’ll cover what has been happening in the markets and economy, as well as discuss how your portfolios should be positioned.



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