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The Case Against Big Tech

February 13, 2018

If you’re an investor in Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet, and a few other big tech companies, you should be following the arguments to break up those companies or regulate them in some way. (If you invest in index funds, these companies are a significant part of your portfolio.) This is one article making the case for a break up.

The Four have so much power over our lives that most of us would be rocked to the core if one or more of them were to disappear. Imagine not being able to have an iPhone, or having to use Yahoo or Bing for search, or losing years’ worth of memories you’ve posted on Facebook. What if you could no longer order something with one click on the Amazon app and have it arrive tomorrow?

At the same time, we’ve handed over so much of our lives to a few Silicon Valley executives that we’ve started talking about the downsides of these firms. As the Four have become increasingly dominant, a murmur of concern—and even resentment—has begun to make itself heard. After years of hype, we’ve finally begun to consider the suggestion that the government, or someone, ought to put the brakes on.




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