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A Fresh Perspective On Obamacare

November 13, 2018

Politicians say the federal health care law had a significant effect on the House of Representative elections last week. This article argues that politicians in both parties don’t understand the law or its effects. It’s harsh on both sides of the debate. It argues that what voters want is health insurance security for everyone.


Republican House members voted for these things because they never understood what made voters upset about Obamacare. It was not the things that provided insurance security–the pre-existing protections, the subsidies, or the Medicaid expansion–it was the things that undermined health insurance security–the few lousy choices of unaffordable health plans consumers were left with in the Obamacare era.

And, Democrats to this day tout the “stability” of the Obamacare insurance market–a stability that so far has only paid off for insurance companies that have raised the rates so high only they are among the relatively few doing well in the program.

I will suggest that both Democrats and Republicans–five years into this–still don’t understand what has worked and not worked for consumers.




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