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Inside Las Vegas

October 9, 2018

Here’s an interesting insiders’ look at what the highest of high-rollers do in Las Vegas. It’s interesting throughout, but this passage makes clear that most heavy gamblers don’t keep their money for long.

Hosts are like banker-bestie hybrids who liaise between high-rollers and casino: they extend interest-free, seven-figure lines of credit and learn how much players are willing to throw down and how risk-prone they are.

Each of the Cosmopolitan’s 25 hosts nurtures a portfolio of 300 to 500 clients who’ve demonstrated the propensity to play hard. Almost all of the clients are men, ranging in age from millennials to 70-year-olds, and they stick around for three to five years before going dark—usually due to bad investments, dips in the economy, or divorce.




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