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Is There A Brexit Breakthrough?

July 9, 2018

Prime Minister Theresa May and her cabinet appear to have agreed to a set of goals for their negotiations with the European Union over an exit from the EU. But it’s not clear the EU will agree with the terms or that the U.K. will remain united, as this article explains.

After an hours-long meeting at her Chequers country residence, May seemed to have persuaded the most vocal Brexit campaigners in the cabinet to back her plan to press for “a free trade area for goods” with the EU and maintain close trade ties.

The agreed proposal – which also says Britain’s large services sector will not have the current levels of access to EU markets – will not come soon enough for Brussels, which has been pressing May to come up with a detailed vision for future ties.

But the hard-won compromise may yet fall flat with EU negotiators.




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