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New Thoughts On “Old Age”

November 12, 2018

A conference recently was convened with the theme that the world needs to redefine what it means by old age and consider the services available to and treatment of people age 60 and older. This article summarizes a lot of the presentations at the conference.

It’s a mistake to keep telling ourselves a story about how “old age” equals infirmity, suggested Andrew Scott, co-author of The 100 Year Life. “What occurs to me time and time again is that we need to try and get a new narrative about the life course,” Scott said. “Trying to get people talking about it at an early stage, trying to think about the whole life course, I think is the key thing.”

The 100 Year Life Panel—as it was called—talked mostly about the vast possibilities associated with a group of older people who have built up skills through a long working life and achieved plenty in their careers, but who have energy for new challenges.






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