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China’s Real Estate Problem

November 11, 2018

Critical have argued for years that China directed to many resources into real estate and housing. The country took on a lot of debt to boost real estate and allowed individuals easy access to real estate-related loans. This article says that the problem is worse than many people realize. Among other things, it says about […]

Treasury Bonds And Election Night 2016

November 9, 2018

The election results in 2016 surprised many, and that caused markets to take a wild ride. This paper from a New York Fed economist details how treasury bonds moved in the markets as election results came in during the night. It’s another example of why investors shouldn’t try to take positions based on short-term events […]

Companies Are Buying Their Stock

November 9, 2018

This is more important than most investors realize. A major support of the stock market and the earnings growth of recent years has been corporations buying their stock and taking it off the market. Fewer shares available means earnings per share is higher and investors have to bid for fewer shares. There have been forecasts […]

Successful Retirement Requires Learning

November 9, 2018

I’ve often said that retirement has changed and will change again. You need to keep up with the changes to have a successful retirement. That’s why I have to revise my books and publish a new issue of Retirement Watch each month. This article quantifies this concept. The author developed the idea that successful people […]

Oil Is In A Bear Market

November 8, 2018

It seems that only a few weeks ago oil prices were rising and many analysts said it was inevitable that a barrel of crude would cost $100 again. That changed quickly. U.S. crude oil hit the bear market level this month, declining more than 20% from its recent high. Analysts now say there’s more supply […]

Elections And The Markets: Forecasts Gone Wrong

November 8, 2018

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting column today. (Subscription required.) One of its market reporters explains that before the election he had worked out a scenario for the election results and what the market would do in response. He was right about how the election would turn out but completely wrong about how the […]

50 Facts About Long-Term Care

November 8, 2018

Apparently November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month. To mark it, the Association for Long-Term Care Planning has published a list of “50 Long-Term Care Statistics Everyone Should Know.” I know that many people are misinformed about aspects of long-term care. This should be informative to most people. Our goal is to raise awareness to help […]

London Financial Center Could Be Safe In Brexit Deal

November 7, 2018

The fate of London’s financial center is an important component of Brexit. It’s a major source of trade and revenue for the U.K. It’s also an important hub in global markets and the economy. If London’s financial institutions can’t continue their open trading with European counterparts after the U.K. leaves the EU, there could be […]

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