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Gundlach on the Markets; a Vote Against Tax Exempts

December 23, 2010

Jeffrey Gundlach, manager of the DoubleLine Total Return fund, believes the deleveraging will continue and this will lead to low consumer spending. He also is bearish on the dollar long term but believes the recent rise in interest rates is over done, creating a short-term opportunity in treasury bonds. Gundlach expressed these and other views […]

More Votes in Favor of Tax-Exempts

December 22, 2010

We’ve been following the decline in tax-exempt bonds that’s been ongoing since Labor Day. There are two reasons for the sell off. One reason for the decline is rising interest rates or the fear of higher rates. Bonds decline in value when interest rates rise. So, when bond investors anticipate higher rates, they sell the […]

One Prominent Vote for Tax-Exempts

December 15, 2010

Tax-exempt bonds have tumbled since Labor Day, as we’ve been reporting. Morningstar reports that investors are fleeing tax-exempt bonds mutual funds, especially long-term funds. But some who follow the market say the sales now are overdone and a buying opportunity is near if not already here. One prominent buyer of tax-exempt bond funds is PIMCO’s […]

Trouble in Bond Land

December 9, 2010

Bonds have been market winners for some time. Even over extended periods long-term treasury bonds outperformed stocks because of the strong recent performance of bonds. The long-term bond bull market could be drawing to a close. Treasury bonds had the worst two-days in two years after the tax extension deal in Washington was announced. Everyone […]

Social Security Do-Over Killed

December 9, 2010

A strategy to increase Social Security retirement benefits quietly was ended yesterday. We warned readers of Retirement Watch a few months back that the change was in the works. Social Security made it official Dec. 8 by publishing a change in the rules. Under the do-over strategy, someone eligible for SS retirement benefits begins receiving […]

Should the States Go Under?

December 7, 2010

We’ve reported how tax-exempt bonds have been losing substantial value since Labor Day. Investors are concerned about defaults and missed interest payments. Columnist Michael Barone summarizes the situation: Individual investors have been selling off state and local municipal bonds this month. Meredith Whitney, the financial expert who first spotted Citigroup’s overexposure to mortgage-backed securities, is […]

Does Money Equal Happiness?

December 6, 2010

Long time readers of Retirement Watch know that I periodically report the latest studies that try to coordinate money and happiness. It seems there’s an inexhaustible supply of research grants for academics who come up with different ways to study the issue. One recent study reaches a different conclusion than many others. The consensus in […]

Does Wall Street Understand QE 2?

December 3, 2010

Stocks and other “risk assets” have had strong returns since the Fed hinted back in August that it would start a second quantitative easing program, and really moved since the program was officially announced in November. The theory is that by providing liquidity into the markets, rising prices of stocks and other assets will boost […]

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