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Trade Talks With China Not Going As Well

October 2, 2018

While the three partners in NAFTA agreed to a revised document, talks haven’t been progressing as well with China. Defense Secretary James Mattis this week canceled a planned trip to China. Trade talks are only part of the problem with China. There also are disagreements regarding China’s presence in the South China sea, U.S. rights […]

What’s New In NAFTA

October 2, 2018

It looks like the U.S., Canada and Mexico have agreed to a new version of NAFTA. Here’s a description of what’s changed and what hasn’t. The updated agreement, the subject of more than a year of intense negotiations between the countries, includes some high-profile compromises from both Washington and Ottawa. The U.S., for example, won […]

The Coming Treasury Bond Squeeze

October 1, 2018

This commentator agrees with the sentiment recently expressed by DoubleLine CIO Jeffrey Gundlach. Gundlach said too many investors are selling short treasury bonds, expecting interest rates to rise sharply. When short positions are this high, there’s likely to be a move in the opposite direction that causes a short squeeze. This is really important from […]

Beware Celebrity Social Media Accounts

October 1, 2018

One of the latest ways con artists separate people from some of their money is by pretending to be celebrities online. This article tells how scammers set up social media accounts purporting to be those of celebrities. Many celebrities have a dozen or more accounts listed under their names. The accounts then are used to […]

Check Your Money Manager’s Car

October 1, 2018

This article says that among hedge fund managers, there’s a direct correlation between performance and the kind of car the manager drives. But it might be the opposite of what you’d expect. The more stodgy the manager’s car, the better the performance. Although higher risk can sometimes lead to higher returns, the additional risks taken […]

Keep An Eye On Earnings Guidance

September 28, 2018

Higher-than-forecast earnings are one factor that has pushed stock prices higher. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to company announcements as we approach the end of the third quarter and face earnings season in a few weeks. This report says that the companies that have made announcements recently mostly have warned that earnings are […]

Big Blow To Angela Merkel

September 28, 2018

The longtime German Chancellor suffered another serious political blow this week when her party’s legislators replaced her choice of caucus leader. Following a series of election losses for her party, this move indicates her party’s members are moving against her and thinking of replacing her. This could be close to the end of Merkel’s longtime […]

Corporate Insiders Are Dumping Stock

September 28, 2018

This report says that corporate insiders who are required to publicly report their stock transactions are selling stock in their companies at the fastest rate in 10 years. But this information should be used cautiously. There are many reasons unrelated to a company’s prospects that an insider might sell stock. Basic estate planning and diversification […]

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