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A History of Theranos

September 6, 2018

The giant Silicon Valley fraud, perhaps one of the largest ever, is ending. The company announced that it would liquidate its remaining assets and go out of business. Its founder, once heralded, is preparing to face criminal charges. This article reviews the company’s history with links to articles providing details on each of the milestones. […]

A Counter To The Pessimists

September 6, 2018

It’s easy to find commentary about all the things that could go wrong in the economy, markets, and beyond. In this article, Dr. Ed Yardeni takes us in the opposite direction. He asks, “What if a lot of things go right?” What if the pace of technological innovation is increasing, disrupting business models in ways […]

Manufacturing Is Soaring

September 5, 2018

After undergoing a recession a few years ago, U.S. manufacturing is bouncing back. A couple months ago it looked like manufacturing might have peaked for this cycle, but the latest ISM Manufacturing Index jumped to a 14-year high in the latest reading. The ISM described demand as remaining “robust,” but cautioned that “the nation’s employment […]

What The Next Crisis Will Be Like

September 5, 2018

Here’s one view of what the next financial crisis could be like. It’s from the chief quantitative investor at J.P. Morgan and is part of a series of essays the bank is putting out to mark the 10th anniversary of the financial crisis. He forecasts the crisis is likely to be more volatile and worse […]

Tech Isn’t So Different

September 5, 2018

Technology firms like to give the impression that they are different from previous generations of businesses. Technology is the major reason people are talking about automation taking over jobs and leaving many people unemployable. This article says that’s all wrong. It says that like other businesses, there’s a close correlation between revenue growth and growth […]

Nursing Homes Could Be Hitting Hard Times

September 4, 2018

A lot of long-term care has shifted to home care and assisted living facilities, taking business away from traditional nursing homes. The nursing homes are starting to feel some financial pain. This article describes how a Massachusetts nursing home is in such serious financial trouble that it stopped paying premiums for employees’ health care, though […]

Luxury Real Estate Can’t Find Buyers

September 4, 2018

Luxury real estate in the U.S. has appreciated for quite some time. Prices drifted higher even when other parts of the housing market struggled. But this article explains that those times could be over. Asking prices are being reduced in luxury markets all over the U.S. and real estate is selling for much less than […]

Are RMDs About To End?

September 4, 2018

Required minimum distributions (RMDs) from IRAs and other qualified retirement plans have been caught in a tug of war. One group in Congress wants to make the rules tougher. They want to end the Stretch IRA by forcing everyone who inherits an IRA to distribute the entire IRA within five years. Another group both in […]

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