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What Happened To The BRICs?

November 2, 2018

This article tells the story of the four economies that were supposed to dominate the globe in this century: Brazil, Russia, India, and China. They were labeled the BRICs in a paper published in 2001. But the countries didn’t develop politically or economically the way that was outlined in the paper.   Meanwhile, politically, the […]

How Tariffs Affect Companies

November 1, 2018

The usual argument for tariffs is that consumers will stop buying the now-higher-priced foreign product and buy a U.S.-produced item instead, helping the domestic economy. But as this article explains, it often doesn’t work that way. Many of the products subject to the new tariffs are the only alternative many companies have for inputs into […]

Change Coming In Germany

November 1, 2018

Election results in local elections in Germany haven’t been favorable to four-term Chancellor Angela Merkel for a couple of years. Last weekend she finally concluded that she wouldn’t be able to turn things around and increase her popularity. Instead of running for re-election in 2021, she retire when her term expires. Merkel’s downfall primarily was […]

Trust More, Live Longer

November 1, 2018

A study of survey data concluded that Americans who trust the government and others are likely to outlive less trusting people. Miething says that people who live in communities where more residents tend to show distrusting attitudes were also likely to have shorter lifespans. “In those contexts, your risk of dying is higher than in […]

How Much Are Social Security And Medicare Worth?

October 31, 2018

Each year when the latest annual adjustments in Social Security and Medicare are announced, economists at The Urban Institute update their estimates of the value of the benefits of these programs to certain hypothetical individuals. Here are the latest estimates. Many average-income single adults retiring between 2015 and 2020 will receive about $500,000 in benefits, […]

The Next Step In Digital Currencies

October 31, 2018

Bitcoin attracts most of the attention among digital currencies. But there are alternatives and other ways of securing the benefits of blockchain technology without some of the problems bitcoin has. The next step in evolution probably is this announcement of a stable digital currency presented by Coinbase and Circle. You receive the privacy and other […]

Signs Of Slowing Growth

October 31, 2018

Interest-rate sensitive sectors of the economy are feeling some pain from the Fed’s tighter monetary policy. One indicator of that is vehicle sales. This article presents the details. Sales are slowing, even declining, and customer traffic to showrooms is down. Autos join housing in showing early effects of the Fed’s policy. Other dealers tell CNBC […]

From Cashless Society to Cashier-less Society

October 30, 2018

Sam’s Club is joining the list of retailers who are experimenting with different ways for consumers to pay for their goods. This article describes how the retailer is experimenting at one location with an app customers can use to scan items as they select them. They can leave the store after selecting their items without […]

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