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New Data On The Housing Crisis

April 12, 2018

Most analysts believe part of the reason for the housing crisis is that there were too many homes in the U.S. before the crisis. The oversupply eventually led to the price crash and the broader financial crisis. This study paints a different picture. It uses Census Bureau data to conclude that there was an undersupply […]

Byron Wein: Buying Opportunity

April 12, 2018

The Blackstone strategist, who’s generally been bullish the last couple of years, says stocks aren’t going to have a bear market in 2018. He believes the indexes will again test their recent lows, and that will create a “terrific buying opportunity.” “I think the year’s going to be good. I agree … that we’re going […]

Did The Census Bureau Create The Retirement Crisis

April 12, 2018

The Investment Company Institute issued a new study of retirement plan participation and concluded previous studies understate retirement plan participation. The new study looks at tax data. Previous work on the subject relied primarily on Census Bureau data. The new study pointed out flaws with the Census Bureau data, and that the Census Bureau changed […]

Why Inflation’s About To Increase

April 11, 2018

Sometimes discerning the reasons for the current level of inflation and its likely path don’t require watching monetary policy. Sometimes, it’s simple arithmetic. For a year or so inflation has been less than expectations. It paused after steadily rising from the lows of a few years ago. The reasons for the pause have to do […]

New Way To Fight Parking Tickets, Reduce Property Taxes

April 11, 2018

Technology is helping citizens fight parking tickets, reduce the property taxes, and take other actions against local governments. This article describes several companies that developed software to handle these problems. For small fees and without having to use a lawyer, you can generate all the information you need to save money, such as by fighting […]

Tax Reform Could Increase Your State Taxes

April 11, 2018

Pay attention to what your state legislature is doing about taxes this year. If they don’t do something, you’re likely to pay higher state income taxes for 2018 and future years. This article explains how federal tax cuts could cause your state taxes to increase without your representative having to vote for a tax increase. […]

Yale Endowment Vs. Warren Buffett

April 10, 2018

The Yale Investment Office, which manages the Yale Endowment, devoted a couple of pages of its 32 pages annual report to explaining why it disagrees with Warren Buffett’s advocacy of index investing. The report points out that the endowment has had very strong returns for many decades and delivered returns better than index investors. It’s […]

Technology And The Future Of Wall Street

April 10, 2018

Human traders are being phased out of the stock markets and technology is taking over. This article describes how only three firms are in a position to develop and manage the technology needed to trade and manage all that trading. it talks about all the money the three firms are pouring into technology, their attempts […]

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