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You Might Need This Insurance

June 12, 2017

Not many people have libel insurance. But if you use social media, you should consider it. You can add it to your umbrella liability policy or homeowner’s policy. The problem is that people like to vent or deliver their unvarnished opinions on social media. For many people, commenting on social media is little more than […]

The Hot Hand Fallacy

June 12, 2017

People like to believe that there is just a thing as the hot hand, or streaks. While the concept has been studied some in investing, it’s been studied in more detail in sports, especially basketball. This article reviews the research, which concludes that there really isn’t anything like a hot hand. Or had he? In […]

A Response to Pessimists

June 12, 2017

Some analysts have been forecasting the end of the economic expansion and bull market in stocks for awhile. In fact, both are on the verge of setting longevity records. This article explores the records and why the expansions have continued. It also forecasts they are likely to continue for a while. Don’t be nervous. It […]

Mastering Aging

June 9, 2017

Many people flounder in retirement, because there aren’t enough resources to help them develop successful retirements. There now is a class available called Aging Mastery available through the National Council on Aging. Read here for more details. Watts met classmates who have turned into real friends. She also learned about an important aspect of managing […]

The Future of Malls

June 9, 2017

Are shopping centers and malls dead? Are they doomed to be replaced by and other online retailers? A new report says that’s likely the case, but that’s not accurate. There are too many stores and shopping areas in the U.S. But the country still will need a lot of shopping centers. What’s likely to […]

Misunderstanding Social Security

June 9, 2017

This blog post points out that many people aren’t well-informed about their Social Security benefits. It doesn’t rely on a survey but on the author’s experience at a typical retirement planning workshop. The first question the presenter asked was, “How many of you think you’ll be able to retire comfortably living off just your Social […]

Problems for the Auto Industry

June 8, 2017

Morgan Stanley issued a report that says much of what I’ve said privately about the auto industry. The manufacturers took advantage of zero interest rates to steadily boost car prices since 2009, attracting customers with generous financing deals. Now, new cars have to compete with a glut of new cars coming on to the market. […]

Household Wealth Continues to Grow

June 8, 2017

Rising prices for homes and stocks couples with relatively slow growth of debt allowed U.S. household wealth to increase again in the first quarter, according to a Federal Reserve report. Click the link for all the details. Household wealth has grown, boosted mostly by a 5.5 percent gain in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index […]

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