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An Update On Wealth Inequality

June 12, 2018

This academic paper uses a new set of data to measure wealth distribution over the long term. It makes a lot of interesting points. Asset prices shift the wealth distribution because the composition and leverage of household portfolios differ systematically along the wealth distribution. Middle-class portfolios are dominated by housing, while rich households predominantly own […]

The Great Truck Driver Shortage

June 11, 2018

When economic growth is strong, there tend to be shortages and imbalances. Most employers now complain of not being able to find enough qualified workers for the jobs they have to fill, but trucking companies are especially worried. The truckers say there is an acute shortage of drivers, and that’s leading to delayed deliveries and […]

Beware Of 2019, Says Bridgewater Associates

June 11, 2018

The world’s largest and most successful hedge fund says the economy should do well in 2018, but it’s worried about 2019. Tighter monetary policy should cause growth to slow, and if the Fed overdoes it could trigger a recession. But markets react before the economy, so the fund is bearish on almost all financial assets. […]

Glimpses Of The Housing Market

June 11, 2018

Housing has been slowly recovering from its post-2007 collapse. Some estimates say Americans collectively are about $1 trillion richer than they were at the bottom of the market. While the big picture is interesting, some more local news also is interesting. There still are a lot of homeowners who are underwater (they owe more than […]

10 Years After Countrywide Mortgage

June 8, 2018

As we continue to note 10 years anniversaries of key events in the financial crisis, the latest to note is the demise of Countrywide Mortgage. This article explains who big and powerful Countrywide became by selling subprime mortgages and packaging them for sale as securities. It also explains how the business fell apart and helped […]

Atlanta’s Cyberattack

June 8, 2018

Not enough attention has been devoted to the cyberattack on Atlanta about two months ago. The biggest news at the time was that it shut down the very busy airport for most of a day. But the attack was more widespread, affecting many municipal systems. The damage still is being assessed and continues to mount, […]

What’s Happening In Emerging Markets?

June 8, 2018

Ken Rogoff, an expert in global financial crises, takes a look at what’s happening in emerging markets and asks if they are a warning signal for the global economy. There are currency crises in Turkey and Argentina. EM currencies are declining in value, and many EM stock markets are down even as the U.S. markets […]

The Struggles Of Social Security And Medicare

June 7, 2018

The latest annual report from the Trustees of Social Security and Medicare is out, and it generated a lot of negative headlines. The big news from the report is that this year the income of the program will exceed the benefits it pays out, so it will have to dip into its reserves or trust […]

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