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Where Not to Retire

July 7, 2011

Few people realize that taxes are one of the largest expenses in most retirement budgets. It’s not only the federal income tax you should be concerned about but the full range of state, local, and federal taxes. The state and local taxes vary considerably. Also, some areas give tax breaks to the silver set, while […]

Communicating with Your Spouse about Retirement

July 6, 2011

Most married couples don’t handle their retirement planning well. They don’t talk about key aspects of retirement and don’t plan for retirement together. This combination can cause marital problems in addition to retirement problems. All this is from Fidelity Investments latest survey on married couples and retirement planning. I wrote about prior editions of this […]

Reforming State and Local Pension Plans

July 6, 2011

Most state and local employees are promised retirement benefits through defined benefit plans. They are promised a fixed annual payment after retiring, usually one that is indexed for inflation. After the financial crisis, the funded status of many defined benefit plans deteriorated, and contributions required from the governments (and taxpayers) soared. I’ve had a small […]

Taking Too Much Risk in Retirement

July 6, 2011

Investing in retirement is a relatively new field. We’ve been leaders in developing strategies that differ from the long-time conventional strategies, but people have been slow to follow. Most retirement portfolios are either too conservative or too risky. On the latter side are portfolios that continue the same allocation the owner adapted many years before […]

Delay Social Security, Buy Annuities

July 6, 2011

Your federal government is giving you retirement planning advice. The General Accountability Office issued a report July 1 titled “Retirement Income: Ensuring Retirement Income Throughout Retirement Requires Difficult Choices.” You might ask why the government is giving you and others retirement advice. The GAO compiles and issues reports after a member of Congress requests one. […]

Fees that Kill Retirement Plans

July 6, 2011

Most investors know whether they are buying load or no-load mutual funds. But few investors know how much they’re paying in fees on their retirement accounts, especially 401(k) plans. There are a number of fees imposed on some accounts. They’re disclosed, somewhere. It’s not always easy to find a total for the fees you’re paying. […]

Reviewing the ISM Report

July 6, 2011

The stock indexes had a very good week last week, and also the week before. At first it’s hard to understand, because the economic data hasn’t been particularly good. There were some positive reports about the Greek debt situation, but the plans are to defer a solution again, which probably will make it worse. An […]

How to Read Home Price Reports

July 5, 2011

The latest reports on the residential real estate market have been dismal. They show a second leg to the price decline. The home buyers’ credit and other manipulations propped prices in 2009 and 2010 for a while, but once those program ended the price decline resumed. The latest data are being interpreted as showing the […]

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