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Stocks vs. Gold

February 14, 2012

There’s been a lively debate in some sectors of the financial media over the relative merits of stocks and gold. Warren Buffett, Jeremy Siegel and Larry Fink not surprisingly came down on the side of stocks. Others point out the dreary returns from stocks over the last 10 or 12 years, the significant increases in […]

The Health/Wealth Connection

February 14, 2012

Do wealthier people really live longer than everyone else? If so, why? The research indicates a clear connection between wealth and health. Wealthier people tend to live longer, healthier lives than poorer people. Is it the wealth that makes people healthier? Or do the traits that are likely to increase wealth also contribute to better […]

Sneak Peak at Whitney Houston’s Estate

February 13, 2012

Most of the news about Whitney Houston covers her career, her turbulent life, and speculation about the way she died. What about her estate plan. At one point in her life she was fabulously wealthy. More recently there were rumors that she was short of cash. She’s had a lot of litigation involving her family. […]

Most Retirees Don’t Understand Medicare

February 10, 2012

Medicare pays about half the medical expenses of the average beneficiary. But most people, especially those planning for retirement, have grave misunderstandings about the program and what it covers, according to a recent survey. For example, they don’t know if it covers long-term care and the amount of premiums they’re likely to pay for their […]

Money Moves Outside the Box

February 10, 2012

Many traditional money moves and strategies aren’t the best for your wealthbuilding. Long time Retirement Watch readers have heard this from me many times. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal (subscription might be required) gives five unconventional strategies that fit this view: Tap your flex spending account early in the year; make charitable […]

The Mortgage Fraud Deal & Corporate Profits

February 10, 2012

On Thursday a settlement was announced of the lawsuits against mortgage servicing companies. The suits charged the servicers with fraud in what was known as the robo-signing fraud. The settlement was billed as costing the services (who also are the country’s largest banks) at $26 billion. But this article argues that the banks actually won […]

Play the Game You Want

February 9, 2012

Even if you’re not a golfer you should appreciate this piece. It’s a letter from an older, former golfer to his younger self, telling himself things he’s learned that he wishes he knew when he was younger. Like most writing about golf, it’s also an allegory about life in general. I wish, I wish. Sad […]

Understanding the Price-Earnings Ratio

February 9, 2012

I don’t use the P-E ratio much in evaluating the stock market. There are a lot of reasons for that. Earnings are, well, flexible. They’re subject to revisions and manipulation. I definitely don’t recommend using forward, or forecast, earnings, because they can be way off the mark. But the big reason is that earnings are […]

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