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Germany and the European Debt Crisis

February 29, 2012

One of the sticking points to reaching a solution of the European sovereign debt crisis is the role of Germany. The debtor nations believe the wealthier nations, especially Germany, should come to their rescue with cash or otherwise absorbing a lot of the losses.  They also want looser monetary policies leading to a depreciation of […]

Rethinking Retirement Planning

February 29, 2012

Most affluent Americans are rethinking their retirement planning, or thinking they would do things differently if they could do it over. That’s the conclusion of a recent survey of affluent investors by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. For one thing, people no longer think retirement is something you do after hitting a certain age. They […]

Trading Pay for Retirement Security

February 29, 2012

That’s what many Americans would like to do. In response to a Towers Watson survey, many Americans said their employers have reduced benefits in recent years, and they anticipate further reductions. For nine of 10 American retirement security climbed to the highest financial concern. Medical expenses are a primary worry for the survey participants, and […]

Shifting to Financial Defense

February 28, 2012

Financial repression will continue, and that will continue to harmful to most investors. Bill Gross of PIMCO, in his latest monthly essay, recommends that investors only selectively seek capital gains. Your main goal should be to earn safe income while waiting for opportunities to earn a bit more. In the course of the essay Gross […]

10 Rules for Investing

February 28, 2012

Jeremy Grantham of GMO issued his quarterly letter for the fourth quarter of 2011, and as always I recommend investors spend some time with it. This letter is titled “The Longest Quarterly Letter Ever” (it’s 15 pages) and follows last quarter’s “The Shortest Quarterly Letter Ever.” This letter has three sections. The first is 10 […]

Straight Talk in Europe

February 27, 2012

Europe’s Social Democracy model is unworkable. Governments have to continue their austerity programs. Economic shocks will continue in Europe. China and other emerging nations won’t bail out the indebted countries. There are no quick fixes to the European problem. There need to be long-term fixes, especially to the labor market. Those are a few of […]

5 Medicare Myths

February 27, 2012

Americans, even those participating in Medicare, are remarkably uninformed and misinformed about the program. Most don’t realize that the program pays only about half the medical costs of the average beneficiary and doesn’t cover a range of care. The Washington Post tackles some of the myths about Medicare. I don’t agree with everything in this […]

The Latest BerkshireHathaway Letter

February 27, 2012

Each year Warren Buffett issues his shareholder letter, and I always recommend it as worth reading. This year I again recommend the 2011 Chairman’s letter to Berkshire shareholders. Unlike his other public discourses in recent years, in the shareholder letters Buffet still hews to comments about the company, its operating subsidiaries, and investments. Even if […]

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