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Most People Too Passive with Portfolios

January 6, 2012

People adopted a number of bad investment practices in the 1990s, and they continue to follow them. One simple strategy that will boost returns is to rebalance a portfolio periodically. Sell what’s done well and buy more of what’s declined until your portfolio is back to your planned allocation. That’s a way to sell high […]

Another Rule of Thumb that’s a Rule of Dumb

January 6, 2012

One of my regular themes in Retirement Watch is that people hurt themselves financially by taking the easy way out and following rules of thumb. The rules often are endorsed by big name firms or the major media, so it usually seems the same thing to do. But most rules of thumb are based on […]

Financial Security Depends on Your State?

January 5, 2012

I don’t often put much stock in surveys like this one, but they’re interesting. The Employee Benefits Research Institute examined data on the financial literacy of people in the different states and on the financial behavior of them. It then compiled the data to determine which states have the highest financial IQs. There were some […]

What Happens to Your Debts?

January 5, 2012

There’s been a lot of attention lately to the issue of what happens to a person’s debts after he dies. It seems there are firms that specialize in collecting the debts of the deceased, often by telling survivors they need to pay and often by not being completely honest. We’ll have more detail in a […]

Build Your Own Annuity

January 5, 2012

I’ve often pointed out that people can build their own indexed annuity, receiving most of the benefits of commercial annuities at less cost, to the consternation of some insurance agents. Yet, you can use strategies similar to those used by insurers to generate the same guarantees and returns in your own accounts. You don’t have […]

It’s Not All About Money

January 4, 2012

One point I make regularly in Retirement Watch is that retirement planning is about much more than money. Surveys of retirees indicate that money is important only up to a point. The money is to ensure you have the freedom and security to engage in the types of activities you want. Unfortunately, too many people […]

More about Congress and Insider Trading

January 4, 2012

In December that was a major kerfuffle over a book and 60 Minutes report that some members of Congress profited by using knowledge gained on their jobs to profit in the stock market. More recently, doubt about the data and arguments behind the reports was disseminated. Since I linked to one of the original reports, […]

Are You Ready to Retire?

January 3, 2012

I’ve said a number of times in Retirement Watch that retirement planning isn’t all about money. Many people who don’t like retirement or don’t deal well in it aren’t having financial problems. Their planning didn’t include any of the non-financial aspects of the post-career years. You need to include these factors in your planning, or […]

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