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Stock Gains Mask Earnings Problems

February 24, 2012

Since the market bottom in 2009 the prices of stocks (and most other investment assets) haven’t responded primarily to fundamentals. Instead, central bank policies have been the main drivers. Investors buy stocks when the Fed eases and sell when the easing stops. The recent rally is the same with one major difference. Over the last […]

The End of Europe’s Quantitative Easing?

February 24, 2012

When Europe’s sovereign debt crisis was roiling global markets late in 2011, the ECB announced a clever plan that allowed it to engage in Fed-like quantitative easing without directly buying sovereign bonds and other low-quality securities. Instead, it makes loans to other central banks or to banks that are secured by collateral. The flood of […]

Social Security’s Looming Problem

February 24, 2012

It’s interesting how policies have unintended effects. Last year commodity prices shot up. Some people think this largely was due to central banks’ pumping up their money supplies. Others think the main culprit was the disruption from the Arab Spring turmoil. Whatever the reason, there was a temporary surge in commodity prices that translated into […]

Best Review of the Greek Deal

February 22, 2012

European leaders finally accept that Greece is insolvent; it isn’t simply experiencing a liquidity crisis. Debts are reduced to make the payments something Greece can handle. Even better, policy is predictable. Markets don’t like uncertainty. They can handle bad news and adverse events when there is some predictability about the events or the policy response. […]

12 Ways to Live a Better Life

February 22, 2012

Don’t rely on scientists to tell you how to live a longer and better life. Listen to people who’ve done it. Cornell University gerongolosit has a book 30 Lessons in Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans for which he interviewed more than 1,000 American older than 65 for their tips on how […]

Late to the Subprime Party

February 22, 2012

Bloomberg television is promoting a show airing Thursday in which some prominent investors apparently say that buying subprime mortgages is the best investment for 2012. The show apparently includes people who shorted mortgages and housing in 2007 or thereabout now saying they are buying mortgages. It’s not a bad investment, but they’re a little late. […]

An Unusual Asset Protection Strategy

February 21, 2012

There are a lot of ways to protect your assets from potential creditors. The key to success for the most part is to take action before the creditors claims are real. If you wait, as too many people do, most of the actions you can take will be viewed as a fraud on the creditors […]

Get Ready for the Next Phase

February 21, 2012

Robert Rodriguez of FPA Capital retired from active portfolio management with an enviable record of mutual fund returns. He achieved superior returns with less volatility while holding high levels of cash from 1998 on. Recently, he gave a sort of valedictory speech and a warning to the Institute for Private Investors. Rodriguez was an early […]

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