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Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary

October 30, 2018

Most people only heard of bitcoin and other digital currencies in the last couple of years. But digital currencies (some call them cryptocurrencies) can be traced back 10 years, according to this article. I think digital currencies could have a substantial role some day, if a way is found to make their values relative to […]

Late-Year Tax Strategies

October 30, 2018

This article reviews some moves you should consider taking before December 31. You really need to act well before that to be sure they are implemented if they’re right for you. If you’re just short of the newly doubled standard deduction, consider being a little more generous this year. That is, think about cramming in […]

IBM Buys Red Hat Software

October 29, 2018

IBM paid a 60% premium to purchase the distributor of open-source software. This article has a digest of the thoughts of a number of Wall Street analysts on the deal. In general, they like the deal and think it could disrupt the market for cloud computing. It’s the largest deal in IBM’s history, and it […]

How Reliable Are The Different Car Brands

October 29, 2018

Consumer Reports gives a summary of how each manufacturer and its different models fare with consumers. It points out how some previously-reliable models have been less reliable in their recent models and names the systems that have let down consumers. Our newest survey collected data on more than 500,000 vehicles from CR’s members, and from […]

New Bear Market Or Correction In The Bull Market?

October 29, 2018

Byron Wein of BlackStone weighs in on the issue, and he says it’s only a correction. The bull market has some life left in it. Read his analysis and see if you agree. The sharp recent rise in 10-year Treasury yields from 3.0% to 3.23% was the trigger, but there were other negatives in the […]

Inside China’s Economic Problems

October 26, 2018

China’s growth has slowed, its currency is down, and the stock market is having problems. This article discusses the thoughts of two economists who have studied China and believe the problems are bigger than most people realize. They point out that in addition to its trade conflicts with the U.S., China is trying to restructure […]

Some Medicare Experiments

October 26, 2018

Medicare regularly tests different ways to provide and pay for care. It’s becoming more creative and inventive than in the past. This article describes a series of test programs underway around the country, including one that pays for basic life needs that aren’t directly related to health care. If they produce results, they could become […]

How To Live Longer

October 26, 2018

Life expectancy is increasing in Spain. The country appears to be on track to have the longest-lived citizenry, bypassing Japan. According to this article, researchers credit life style changes with the expansion of life expectancy. Three key factors are extending lives. Fernando de la Fuente, who has run a fruit and veg stall in the […]

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