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Past Performance is Not Guarantee of Future Performance

August 2, 2017

The regulators make all investment providers put some version of that statement in most of their published materials. Goldman Sachs says you should take it to heart in general, and that in particular you shouldn’t expect stock market returns in the next 10 years to come close to those of the last 10. In a […]

Some Robo-Investment Surprises

August 2, 2017

Not all of the robo-fundo robo-investment programs are the same, and you might be surprised at some of the differences. Also, an independent program that’s been purchased by one of the major financial firms could change in ways you don’t expect, according to this article. It says a fund might not be allowed in the […]

Wein: Market Obstacles in the Second Half

August 1, 2017

Byron Wein’s been fairly optimistic about stocks, though he’s had a lot of caveats and cautions. In his latest monthly note, Wein continues to offer reasons to be cautious and to worry. In particular, he’s worried about low productivity and the Fed’s steadily tightening policy. Despite his causes for worry, Wein still sees stocks heading […]

Make 401(k) Loan Payments on Time

August 1, 2017

You’re allowed to borrow money from a 401(k) under certain conditions, but you’re also required to make regular payments on the loan. Fail to make a payment and the whole loan is considered a distribution and included in your gross income. The payments are deducted from paychecks. Most of the time people are caught when […]

The Recreational Vehicle Myth

August 1, 2017

RV sales have been growing. Shipments surged eight consecutive years and are at their highest level ever. Most people would think that’s due to the Baby Boomers. RVs are for retired people who drive around the country from campground to campground. Turns out that’s not the case. Retirees are an important market sector. But the […]

China’s Debt Problem

July 31, 2017

Some of the more pessimistic economic scenarios are based on the high level of debt in China. The theories posit that China could have a debt problem similar to the developed world’s crisis of 2008 and 2009. This article makes a different case. It says that China’s economic planners are carefully and successfully turning around […]

The Productivity Boom

July 31, 2017

Productivity was an important part of the economic boom of the 1980s and 1990s, but it hasn’t been improving as much since. Many economists believe the productivity boom was due to special factors of the period and isn’t likely to be repeated soon. But in this interview an economist disagrees. He foresees a new productivity […]

Knowing Tax Rules Can Reduce Capital Gains

July 31, 2017

When a stock or other investment is sold, you pay capital gains tax on the difference between the amount received and the basis. When a block of shares is sold at different times, you can determine which shares are sold. That lets you determine the basis of the shares sold and the amount of your […]

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