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The President Supports the Dollar

January 26, 2018

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin misspoke early in this year’s Davos conference by implying that a weak dollar would be good for exports. That led to a sharp decline in the dollar, which declined for most of 2017. But Thursday President Trump arrived in Davos and in an interview voiced support for a strong dollar and […]

A Record for One “Overbought” Indicator

January 26, 2018

It’s well-established that the major U.S. stock indexes have had unusually long periods without significant declines, or even minor declines. This article points out that one measure of stocks being “overbought” has set a record. This doesn’t mean anything is about to happen, but it’s another factor that says there’s a higher probability the market […]

Three Steps to Better Decisions

January 26, 2018

This article is from the Harvard Business Review, but it applies to all kinds of decisions, even personal finance decisions. These are points we emphasize in Retirement Watch, and I’m confident following them will improve your decisions. Research has shown that even relatively basic training in probability makes people better forecasters and helps them avoid […]

Understanding ETFs

January 25, 2018

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have become very popular, but it’s likely that many investors in ETFs don’t really understand what they own. This article highlights some characteristics of ETFs that likely elude many investors and explains how to evaluate ETFs and decide on their place in a portfolio. A straightforward example of this comes from the […]

Millenials Can Save Money

January 25, 2018

This article is an interview with two twenty-somethings who payed down $44,000 of student loan debt in one year. They explain why they did it, how they did it, and what they learned about themselves and personal finance. One key saving was to stop sending their dog to day care. As a cheesy exercise, we […]

Peak Oil Demand Coming

January 25, 2018

A few years ago the hot topic in the commodity markets was peak oil. This was the thesis that at some point we would be consuming more oil than we were finding. The result is that the oil reserve would steadily decrease over time. Many peak oil enthusiasts believe we reached that point already. Changes […]

More Treasury Bonds on the Way

January 24, 2018

The Department of the Treasury issues bonds all the time, but it’s going to start issuing more bonds than in the past. The plans won’t be announced until January 31. But this article says that most market experts expect the issuance of treasury bonds to increase a lot. That’s not good timing, because the Federal […]

The Best Retirement Strategies?

January 24, 2018

A researcher at Stanford University decided to find the “best answers” to key retirement questions. He sought help from the Society of Actuaries and compared the results of 292 strategies. He looked at two questions: when should Social Security benefits begin and at what rate should other money be spent? Readers of Retirement Watch won’t […]

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