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Tax Reform and MLPs

November 29, 2017

Master limited partnerships haven’t been doing well lately, and one reason might be tax reform. MLPs have a special provision in the tax code that exempts them from taxes if they distribute most of their income to shareholders. The House of Representatives version of tax reform preserves that status, but the Senate version does not. […]

Tax Reform Status

November 29, 2017

A lot has happened with tax reform in the last few weeks, and the Senate plans to vote on its version on Thursday. Here’s a regular update of the status of tax reform proposals. The Senate Budget Committee voted 12-11, on party lines, to send the Republican Senate tax bill to the floor Tuesday — […]

What Could Go Wrong?

November 29, 2017

Bloomberg interviewed a number of long-time professional investors and asked them what worries them. Things are going well now, but another crash is possible. Each identifies the factor they think could cause another deep dive in the markets. One of Tad Rivelle’s favorite charts shows the widening gap between the value of U.S. household assets and […]

Update on China’s Stocks

November 28, 2017

China has a lot of economic imbalances to work high and high debt levels to reduce. So far in 2017 it seems to have handled its transition to different policies well. But stocks recently declined, and there’s some worry that they might be starting a downward spiral similar to the one they had in late […]

The Suburbs are Back

November 28, 2017

After the financial crisis many analysts thought they had detected a new migration pattern. They reported that people, especially young adults were leaving the suburbs for the cities. There were many reports that suburbs were dying and that the next generation of two of adults would live, work, and raise their families in downtown areas. […]

Constructing Market Indexes

November 28, 2017

Many people believe that stock indexes are “the market.” They believe that the indexes are passive and aren’t put together with human judgment and influence. But the indexes are the result of decisions of small, little-known groups of people, and their decisions have powerful effects on other people. This article explains some of the details, […]

Who Invests in Stocks?

November 28, 2017

It’s generally accepted that people aren’t equally invested in the stock markets. It’s usually accepted that higher income individuals have a higher percentage of their net worth in stocks than lower income individuals. Did you know that stock market participation also varies by state? The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis published a paper showing […]

Another Reason to Read Skeptically

November 27, 2017

I’ve covered the high rate of poor quality research that is published in professional journals, including peer-reviewed journals. Relying on these sources is bad enough. What’s even worse is relying on general media interpretations of the articles. This post shows just how unreliable a lot of research can be. It shows how a nonexistent paper […]

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