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February in Review

March 1, 2018

February 2018 is not a month many investors want to remember. After almost two years of unusually low volatility and steadily rising prices, stocks finally took a tumble. As this article explains, it was the worst month since that steep slide in early 2016. It also reviews how other assets performed in February. “We saw […]

A Skeptic’s Guide To Published Studies

March 1, 2018

The general media are filled with descriptions of scientific and social scientific studies. The articles draw specific results and say people can use them to improve their daily lives. Popular topics range from eating, health, medicine, exercise, fitness, and finances. I’ve long encouraged readers to be skeptically of these studies and not change their behavior […]

Apple Agrees: Time To Buy Commodities

February 28, 2018

I pointed out last year that it was a good time to buy commodities. Supplies are down and will take a while to recover. Plus, inflation is rising. Apple agreed and showed it by deciding to buy cobalt directly from producers. Cobalt is essential in producing batteries, and Apple needs to ensure a supply at […]

Corporations Bought, But Executive Didn’t

February 28, 2018

Corporations accelerated stock buy back programs during the market decline in February, bringing stock purchases to one of the highest levels in years. But the executives running those corporations didn’t spend their own money the same way. The latest report indicates insiders sold more stock than they purchased during the market decline. In contrast, Argus […]

More Theft And Fraud in Bitcoin

February 28, 2018

Digital currencies have a lot of potential advantages, but security apparently is not among them. There have been several publicized instances of digital currency exchanges being hacked and having currency stolen. The latest alleged crime involved Craig Wright, a man who at one time claimed to be the inventory of bitcoin. He is alleged to […]

New Home Sales Dive

February 27, 2018

Home builders are very optimistic, but their sales for January were way down. In this article, Bill McBride explains that it’s too soon to be worried. The decline is likely due to the weather. I wouldn’t read too much into one month of sales, especially in January. January is usually one of the weakest months […]

Companies Bought While Stocks Were Crashing

February 27, 2018

When major stock indexes were declining in February, many companies were purchasing their shares. The buying was so significant that corporate buying was at one of the highest levels in recent years. The move toward buybacks sends two important signals: that a good slice of the savings corporations will get from big tax cuts will […]

The Inflation Limit Isn’t 2%

February 27, 2018

Since the Fed announced some years ago that its goal was to raise inflation to 2%, many people have interpreted that to mean the Fed will tighten policy significantly once inflation reached 2%. As this article makes clear, that’s not the case. The Fed wants to see sustainable inflation of at least 2%. It’s going […]

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