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It’s a Global Market

September 26, 2017

Investors are happy, because 2017 has been a good year for U.S. stocks. But investors who are overly focused on the domestic market missed out on a lot of solid profits. This article points out that most markets elsewhere are doing better than U.S. stocks. Don’t pop the champagne corks just yet, however, because devotees […]

Why Inflation Remains Low

September 26, 2017

The Federal Reserve has consistently made poor estimates of future inflation. This article by Ed Yardeni offers a range of good explanations of why the Fed (and many analysts) expected much higher inflation than we’ve experienced. The short answer is that the Fed doesn’t understand inflation. The longer answer in the article lists a number […]

Better Investing Through an Open Mind

September 26, 2017

This article primarily is about political and policy decision making, but its ideas can be helpful in your financial decisions. Its main point is that the more certain you are about something, the more likely it is you’re closing your mind to good ideas or facts. Instead of being certain, take the time to examine […]

Gurus Gone Wrong

September 26, 2017

In this article, Mark Hulbert reviews a few of the off base forecasts by newsletter editors on the eve of the financial crisis plus some other interesting forecasts. This particular guru was not alone. Just two days prior, the editor of another leading newsletter wrote to clients that “for the next few weeks at least, […]

Chess as an Investing Education

September 25, 2017

This article explains why a bunch of Wall Street professionals regularly take chess lessons from a Russian former grand master, and how it helps in their jobs. In contrast with chess’s deliberative reputation, Alburt says the game helps traders think on their feet. “Strong chess players are good at making quick, usually correct decisions,” he […]

High Inflation and Interest Rates on the Way?

September 25, 2017

This paper argues that the low global inflation since the early 1980s is partly due to demographic changes. In particular, a growing global labor market kept a ceiling on wages, which kept a ceiling on prices. It also increased productivity. Those trend of a growing global labor market is reversing. Therefore, over the next few […]

The End of “High Yield” Bonds?

September 25, 2017

Investors in search of decent income from their investments have centered on high-yield bonds the last few years. The popularity has dramatically reduced the yield on these bonds and also reduced the traditional difference, or spread, between the yields on these bonds and on U.S. Treasury bonds. The yield is high-yield bonds aren’t bargains, by […]

Revisiting the 1987 Crash

September 22, 2017

Individual investors don’t worry about it much anymore, but sophisticated investors and academics still examine the 1987 stock market slide to learn lessons for today. Diane Henriques recently published a book on the subject, and in this article she argues that the factors that made the 1987 crash so bad still haven’t been corrected. She […]

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