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Charting The Economy

June 26, 2018

Clever, informative charts and graphics existed before the Internet and personal computer. Someone unearthed this interesting chart of the U.S. economy from 1775 through 1945. It shows the economy and other factors during this period. History buffs will enjoy the review. […]

Millennials On The Move

June 25, 2018

Slowly the number of millennials living with their parents is decreasing. This article explains the recent data and how parents can help ease their millennial children out the door. “There are more individuals in that age cohort who are employed,” said Michael Cohen, director of advisory services at CoStar. “We also should see some wage […]

Europe’s Bad Loan Problem

June 25, 2018

While Italy’s received the bulk of recent headlines, the bad loan problem in Europe is far broader, and the continent’s struggling for a solution. This article describes how recent proposals to force banks to deal with bad loans have failed. Regulators can’t agree on an approach. Meanwhile, loans remain on the books of many banks […]

The Attraction Of Treasury Bills

June 25, 2018

A bad sign for investors is when the risk-free asset returns more than riskier assets. When that happens, investors buy the risk-free asset until the riskier assets appear to have higher potential returns. In other words, there can be a bear market. That’s why the action in short-term treasury interest rates is important. As this […]

SEC Judges Are Unconstitutional

June 22, 2018

The Supreme Court ruled that the administrative judges appointed by the SEC to review and rule on its cases are unconstitutional. The judges are selected and appointed by the SEC and then hear and decide on cases brought by the SEC. The court ruled that the judges are subject to regular appointments process, which means […]

Diminishing Value of Social Security Benefits

June 22, 2018

This article is about a study that concludes Social Security benefits currently buy 34% less than they did in 2000. This annual study from an advocacy group purports to re-arrange the basket of goods and services that are used to compute the Consumer Price Index so that it better reflects the purchases made by seniors. […]

Internet Retailers Might Have To Collect Sales Tax

June 22, 2018

Most of the large web sites already collect state sales tax for most of the states. But not all do, and most smaller sites don’t. The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the states can force online retailers to collect sales taxes, even if the retailer doesn’t have a physical presence in the state. This doesn’t […]

Check Out My Posts

June 21, 2018

Remember that I’m now a contributor to the blog. To see my articles, check out my contributor page.     […]

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