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The Workout Cure-Part 2

October 11, 2017

What’s the best exercise for those 60 and older? Aerobic exercise that gets the heart pumping improves both physical and mental health. Its been shown to reduce memory loss and other cognitive issues. Resistance or weight training also is important..

The best overall health results — mental and physical — for people over 50 appear to come from a combination of aerobic workouts and resistance training (strengthening work like lifting weights or doing squats). That type of workout plan could be anything from high-intensity interval training, like the seven-minute workout, to dynamic-flow yoga, which intersperses strength-building poses with heart-pumping dancelike moves.

Researchers still aren’t sure why exercise appears to provide so many benefits to our brain and body. One factor could be increased blood flow, since aerobic work pumps fresh oxygen to the brain.




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