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Don’t Let a Loved One Inherit an IRA Without a Copy of This Report

Last update on: Dec 08 2020

Bob Carlson’s Guide to Inheriting IRAs: Avoiding the Traps and Maximizing the Wealth from Inheriting an IRA

Some of the costliest mistakes with IRAs are made after the accounts pass to the second generation of owners. Heirs often routinely lose a large percentage of their inherited IRAs to unnecessary taxes.

It’s not really their fault. It’s easy to find information about how to open, contribute to, and invest an IRA. It’s getting easier to learn how to manage an IRA during the distribution years. The greatest information shortage is for beneficiaries who inherit IRAs.

IRAs often are among the most valuable assets in an estate, usually containing substantial sums when 401(k) accounts are rolled into them after retirement.

IRA owners often work hard to understand the rules and toil with their estate planners to set up their IRAs to last for many years. A goal of many IRA owners is to provide some wealth to children and grandchildren, so they want beneficiaries to be able to continue the tax deferral of the IRAs after inheriting them. The heirs, however, need to be clued into the plan and the rules.

The rules for inherited IRAs aren’t intuitive, obvious, or well-publicized. Many people don’t even realize distributions are subject to income taxes and minimum distribution rules.

That’s why I wrote Bob Carlson’s Guide to Inheriting IRAs. It provides IRA beneficiaries with the road map they need to navigate the tax rules governing inherited IRAs. IRA beneficiaries will learn:

  • How to maximize the tax deferral of an inherited IRA
  • How to avoid accelerated income taxes on the IRA
  • Which decisions must be made soon after the IRA is inherited
  • Important due dates for all the key decisions
  • The mistakes most frequently made and how to avoid them
  • Different strategies for spouses and non-spouses
  • Why the estate shouldn’t be the beneficiary
  • The disadvantages of multiple beneficiaries and how to deal with them
  • The key advantage a spouse has, and when it shouldn’t be used
  • The three key elements that should be in the account’s title
  • How to compute required distributions
  • Which rules apply to Roth IRAs, and which don’t

Also included is information about employer plans, working with the IRA custodian, and how to choose what to distribute.

The report also discusses the rules about the second-level inheritance: the beneficiary’s beneficiary. Your report includes all this and more, all wrapped up with a checklist and the table for computing required distributions.

The rules for inherited IRAs aren’t well-known or easy to find. You, or your heirs, can find them easily in this report, where they’re clearly stated. No one should inherit an IRA without also receiving a copy of this report.

You can download a copy of Bob Carlson’s Guide to Inheriting IRAs, a 23-page PDF file, right now for only $14.99.



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