Mutual Fund Managers of the Year

Last update on: Mar 14 2020

Morningstar has issued its list of fund managers of the year for 2016. There aren’t any surprises on the list. Dodge & Cox Balanced, a long time recommendation in Retirement Watch, is the asset allocation fund of the year. Oakmark International and a T. Rowe Price stock fund also are perennial stars. Don’t use this list to buy a fund for this year. The comments and Morningstar point out that several of these funds are volatile from year to year.

The most powerful engine behind Oakmark International’s 2016 gain was mining stalwart  Glencore (GLEN). In the previous year, Glencore was an embattled company making the wrong kind of headlines, faced with plunging commodity prices and a heavy debt load. But unlike most investors, Herro decided to jump in. He bought it in the second quarter of 2015 and reinforced his commitment by adding many more shares in the second half of the year as doubts about the firm’s future sent its share price down further. He and Oakmark International’s shareholders were rewarded handsomely for that bold move when Glencore’s price climbed more than 200% from its lows.



December 2020:

Congress Comes for your Retirement Money

A devastating new law has just been enacted, with serious consequences for anyone holding an IRA, pension, or 401(k). Fortunately, there are still steps you can take to sidestep Congress, starting with this ONE SIMPLE MOVE.

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