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Living to 120

Last update on: Mar 15 2020

There isn’t a special vitamin or other single things you can do to extend longevity. But a Longevity Science Panel in the U.K., a group of scientists and other experts, has been reviewing the studies and literature. They’ve reached a conclusion about the steps people need to take to increase their longevity. They also believe the right lifestyle can increase maximum life expectancy to 120. There isn’t anything new in the steps, though a few popular life extension techniques aren’t included in the recommendations. The Mediterranean diet, reduced calorie consumption, exercise, and taking a few drugs such as statins will do the trick for most people, along with a few other steps.

Richard Faragher, professor of Biogerontology at the University of Brighton, told The Sunday Telegraph that living healthier for longer was more important than increasing lifespan.

‘Ageing occurs because the mechanisms which keep us in good health fail over time.

‘After a variable number of divisions, cells will stop dividing and start to do bad stuff.

‘So, in effect, all age related diseases are being driven by a few mechanisms which if you could control them, could be the difference between somebody hobbling down the street, or jogging past you.’


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