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Mastering Aging: How to Have a Successful Retirement?

Last update on: Mar 14 2020

Many people flounder in retirement, because there aren’t enough resources to help them develop successful retirements. There now is a class available called Aging Mastery available through the National Council on Aging. Read here for more details.

Watts met classmates who have turned into real friends. She also learned about an important aspect of managing her prescriptions in an Aging Mastery session led by a pharmacy professor from a local college.

“Medication management? I thought it would be boring, but it was a real eye-opener,” Watts said. She developed allergies after arriving in her new desert home and the class alerted her to the importance of asking how her new allergy medication might interact with her prescription for high blood pressure and her daily supplements.

“In my age group, the doctor writes a prescription and we tend not to question it,” she added. “Since the class, I’ve talked differently to my doctor and I’ve also learned to build relationships with my pharmacists. Now they know me.”




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