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Medication-Reminder Apps

Last update on: Mar 14 2020

Most older Americans have one or more prescription medications they take on a regular basis. Many of those people have problem taken their medications as directed, especially when they’re taking multiple medications. For those who have smart phones or tablet computers, a source of help is an app that keeps them on schedule for their medications.

In this article, the author says he tested all the pill-reminder apps he could find (47). Most of the apps are free or cost $1. He says most also are worth what they cost, concluding that the majority of the apps don’t work well. He concluded one app is the best of the bunch and does all he thinks it should, and there are a number that are close. Plus, the best app is free.

Apparently, a pill reminder is what every coder attempts as My Very First App, because most of them are terrible. Some are just bare-bones, but others are aggressively bad. Plenty of them crash on opening. Lots are full of typos and broken English. Many of them make it extremely awkward to enter the pill information. Almost all of them should instantly go into the Great App Trash Bin in the Sky.




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