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Nursing Home Grades On The Web

Last update on: Dec 27 2018

Searching for a nursing home recently got a lot easier, thanks to the Department of Health and Human Services. Now you can go to the web site and get a full listing of nursing homes in your area. You can compare the facilities in detail without leaving your home.

After going to, click on the “Nursing Home Compare” button. The compare feature allows you to find all the nursing homes in a state, county, city, or zip code. Of course you will get the basic details about how to contact the facility, how many beds it has, and so forth.

More importantly, you will learn the results of the latest annual inspection such as how many deficiencies it had and what the average is for that state and for the U.S. The site also reveals the staffing level of the facility and compares staffing with the average for the state and the U.S. Also listed are the results for up to 10 quality measures.

This site should not be the end of your search for a nursing home, but it is an excellent starting point. Also, ask nurses, doctors, and social workers for referrals.


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