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Nursing Homes Could Be Hitting Hard Times

Last update on: Jun 16 2020

A lot of long-term care has shifted to home care and assisted living facilities, taking business away from traditional nursing homes. The nursing homes are starting to feel some financial pain. This article describes how a Massachusetts nursing home is in such serious financial trouble that it stopped paying premiums for employees’ health care, though it was deducting payments from employees’ pay. This article reports that the largest nursing home chain in California is being sued for understaffing its facilities and other issues. Before choosing a nursing home, be sure to check its financial stability, complains with state regulators, and rating on Medicare’s web site.

The law firms claim Brius Healthcare Services, the nursing homes’ administrative company Rockport Administrative Services, Brius Healthcare Services’ CEO Shlomo Rechnitz and “his multiple layers of affiliated companies” directed and implemented these violations in an effort to “pocket unearned profit at the expense of the provision of the legally mandated care to be provided to elders of the state.”

“To knowingly understaff these facilities in violation of promised resident rights so as to unlawfully maximize profit victimizes our important resource of elders and needs to end,” Garcia Artigliere & Medby attorney Stephen Garcia said in a statement this week. “These lawsuits are an effort on behalf of these vulnerable citizens to ensure that their needs are met and services, for which operators are paid incredibly large sums mostly by us through our Government, are actually provided.”




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