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Benefits Retail Value Your Price
Lifetime membership to Bob Carlson’s acclaimed monthly newsletter, Retirement Watch
Lifetime membership to Bob’s monthly video webinar series: Retirement Watch Spotlight
90-day full-access pass to DividendInvestor.com —
the web’s #1 dividend research tool
Dave Phillips’ guidebook:
The Nest Egg Multiplier and Protection Plan
Dave Phillips’ guidebook: The 10 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them
Bob Carlson’s special report: The $125,000 Solution:
The Tax-Free, Lifetime Income Stream
PLUS these 12 exclusive reports (including all future updates & revisions) from Bob Carlson’s library

✔ 3 Secrets to Boosting Social Security Benefits
✔ Keep Your Nest Egg Safe from the IRS Money Grab
✔ The 20-Minute Estate Plan
✔ 5 Hidden Real Estate Tax Bombs to Avoid
✔ How to Inflation-Proof Your Nest Egg
✔ Insure Your Way to a Rock-Solid Retirement
✔ The Truth About Annuities
✔ What Heirs Should Know About IRAs
✔ 6 Expensive IRA Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
✔ 8-Point Estate Planning Checklist
✔ 7 Secrets to a Wealthier Retirement
Legacy Membership Benefit to pass on to your heirs
Exclusive Benefit
Exclusive Access to the Retirement Watch website
Exclusive Benefit

Total Yearly Measurable Cost = $1,340
5 Years Value = $4,065
10 Years Value = $8,130
Inheritable Value (For Your Children) = Priceless

Your One-Time Cost: $495

That represents a 5-year savings of $3,570 on what you’d pay for each service every year, and a 10-year savings of $7,635.

Keep in mind, people routinely pay estate planners as much as $500 for just an hour or two of advice… which barely scratches the surface of what’s needed for most retirement plans.

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As a reminder, the Lifetime Retirement Protection Program is limited to the first   1,000   277 Charter Members who sign up. Also, in light of the exceptional value that comes with the Lifetime Retirement Protection Program, we’re unable to offer refunds at this time.

Thanks again for taking part in the Retirement Roundtable, and I look forward to helping you achieve the retirement of your dreams as a new Lifetime Member.

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