Urgent Warning from the Center for Retirement Security:

Retired Americans Are About
To Take One on the Chin…

“As a Wharton graduate, money manager, Chief Financial Officer, and Chartered Financial Analyst, I didn’t think I needed help in making investment choices and planning for my retirement. I was wrong. I have been a subscriber to Retirement Watch since 1997. I trust Bob Carlson completely and follow his investment, tax, and planning advice personally.”
—Sandy K., CFA, CFO
“I read Bob’s new book… and it blew me away. For anyone in retirement or about to start retirement (as is my case), I can’t imagine a better “one-stop resource.” Even when I email Bob with questions he responds promptly and thoroughly… Retirement Watch will be part of my retirement plan until I’m pushing up daisies!”
—Paul M., Arizona
“Bob Carlson gets it. He is a true financial guru because he has the unique ability to effectively communicate his vast knowledge with his readers through one of the absolute best newsletters in the country. I continuously recommend Bob Carlson’s Retirement Watch to my clients.”
—David Phillips, Founder & CEO, Estate Planning Specialists, Arizona

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