It’s Never Been Harder to Retire…

Make Sure Your Nest Egg Lasts a Lifetime with
My Little Black Book of IRA Secrets.

Dear Retirement Investor,

You know the statistics about Americans and retirement are grim… but did you know just how bad it is?

According to a recent story in USAToday, only 28% of Americans have more than $1,000 in savings and investments that could be used for retirement.

Worse, 67% (two-thirds!) of Americans think they’ll be working well into their retirement years to make ends meet.

Adding to this tale of woe, research by James Poterba, an MIT economist, found that almost half of all Americans die with financial assets of less than $10,000.

Unfortunately, too many Americans enter retirement with what they think is a substantial amount of financial assets.

But, because of mistakes and unforeseen events, they spend faster than they should or anticipated, and end up with few assets…

Forcing many to “unretire” or rely on others to survive.

If you’re not 100% certain you already have enough savings to retire on, then you need to act now.

You need to make sure you’re financially secure during your post-career years, free of the worries that will plague many others…

Because, today, you can’t rely on what worked in the past.

Following tired “rules of thumb” and traditional cookie cutter approaches is the road to income insecurity. Don’t travel that road.

You need to use strategies and tools that are different from those that worked for past generations of retirees.

And that’s where my Little Black Book of IRA Secrets comes in – research you get for free when you join Retirement Watch.

Each month (and in-between issues on the member’s website) I’ll bring you my latest actionable insights on a range of retirement issues.

Think about it…How many advisers come to you each month and…

…show you how to slash your taxes to the bone, legally and without trouble from the IRS?

…advise you on how to position your portfolio to benefit from the latest investment research and market trends?

…explain in clear, simple terms the key facts you need to know about estate planning, so you can design an estate plan that meets all your goals?

…demonstrate how you can leave your grandchild a comfortable nest egg, while barely cutting into your own standard of living?

…tell you how to get the most from an annuity, and when to avoid annuities?

…steer you away from traps and pitfalls in investments, estate planning, insurance, and tax reduction?

…bring you clear explanations of changes in health care?

…show you how to protect your family’s wealth from the uncertain costs of long-term care, and how to find the best strategy for you?

…show you exactly where you can get the best prices on life insurance, Medicare supplement insurance, and long-term care insurance?

…explain how you can simplify your finances (don’t most advisors seem to complicate them, so you’ll need more of their advice?), so that you’ll cut costs, save time, and make your wealth grow faster?

Most other advisors cannot do the amount of research I do. They are meeting with clients, searching for new clients, and managing their offices — all while trying to work for their current clients.

That’s what makes my monthly service so valuable, even if you already use one or more financial advisors. I bring you fresh ideas each month. When you believe one looks good for your situation, show it to your advisors and discuss how to use it.

I’m confident you won’t find another resource that does the kind of research I do, brings you the unique insights and strategies you’ll find in each monthly issue, and that covers the range of retirement financial issues you’ll find in Retirement Watch.

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