This Little-Known Retirement Loophole
Could Slam Shut in 30 Days

How safe is your IRA/401(k) from Congress’ retirement tax “reforms?”

How safe do you think your IRA or 401(k) is?

It’s not… because of the “retirement tax reforms” the new Washington regime wants to impose on you.

That’s why Forbes alerts us to choose “…some alternatives” for your IRA because “We should EXPECT to see an increase in taxes…”

Barron’s sounds the alarm that Biden’s plan will “Undermine the success of this [401k] system for American savers.”

MarketWatch warns about “Taxmageddon” for these tax-sheltered accounts.

So NOW could be the best time for you to exploit a little-known loophole:

By converting all or part of a traditional IRA or 401(k) to a TAX-FREE Roth IRA.

Anybody can do this. There are:

Once your new Roth IRA is set up…

You’re not forced to take a required minimum distribution at any age. Ever.

And your Roth IRA can grow into millions tax-free.

However, during the conversion from your traditional IRA/401(k), you’ll have to pay income taxes on the amount you convert.

But that’s okay, and here’s why:

Income taxes are now the lowest they’ve been in years. That’s because the previous administration’s tax cuts are still in effect for now, so you have to act fast.

But Washington is dealing with a HUGE deficit… and they have a new, tax-hungry Congress and President.

So here’s the question:

Do you pay your taxes on your IRA now while rates are still low… or later when Congress blows tax-rates through the roof?

You may be wondering if this critical decision is complicated.

Not if you have a good IRA-to-Roth conversion calculator.

But Which Calculator Can You Trust?

Please pay close attention… because you could lose $100,000 or more with the wrong Roth Conversion Calculator.

There are over a hundred free ones online, and that’s about what they are worth.

So many are simplistic and chintzy… it’s as if some teenager threw one together for a school project.

Many of these online calculators cut corners. They don’t ask enough questions about your personal situation to give meaningful results.

So the one-size-fits-all approach won’t do when your life’s savings is on the line.

Even worse: more than two out of three calculators gave wrong answers, according to the prestigious CPA Journal.

And (worse than that) most of the calculators require you to enter your private financial information in an online form. NEVER do that.

There are good, expensive IRA conversion calculators that tax professionals use for their clients.

You get what you pay for.

But I practically give away the one I use for my clients.

Now, my Roth conversion calculator is one of the most powerful available today.

Yet it’s easy to use…

With a click of your mouse, you’ll open the Excel spreadsheet. On the front page, you will quickly:

Just click the mouse and you’ll see everything unfold before your eyes.

It’s that easy.

Check out what the pros say:

“I have clients who’ve paid north of $1,000 for IRA conversion calculators, and found them very confusing and difficult. What I’ve found is that Bob Carlson’s IRA conversion calculator is simple to use, and quite powerful.”

-Todd Phillips, President, Estate Planning Specialists

By using this simple tool, you’ll never pay the government a dime more than you have to.

Even though it’s worth every penny of that $1,000 value and because I have a multi-year waiting list for new clients…

I feel an obligation to nearly give away my Roth IRA conversion calculator spreadsheet.

So I’ve slashed the price to cover my expenses to just $39.95.

That’s a small price to keep the greedy government away from your hard-earned life’s savings and to secure your financial future.

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