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How to Get 76% More On Your Social Security Checks ➪ Every Single Month

New Rules of Retirement

Approved by the IRS, this tax-free income plan is being hailed as a “Retiree’s Saving Grace.”

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Some savvy Americans have discovered a simple way to “boost” their Social Security payments…

Not by a few bucks, or even a few hundred.

Incredibly, some are seeing as much as 76% more.

That’s every single month – with no end in sight, and no “catch” involved.

Picture this: You open your mailbox and find your envelope from the U.S. Treasury…

Normally you might see something like this:

U.S. Treasury Check for $2,102

But this month – and every month after – you see THIS:

$3,699.52 (That's 76% MORE!)

Every 30 days. Like clockwork.

As much as $1,591 more every month…

And an extra $19,164 per year!

So while you’re wondering what you might do with that much more income every month…

Let me be absolutely clear.

This monthly revenue stream is NOT a one-time event (unless you prefer a lump sum)…

It’s NOT some elusive opportunity available only to the wealthy.

And I’m not talking about yet another too good to be true claim.

It’s the Real McCoy… and increasingly being referred to as the “Retiree’s Ultimate Secret Weapon.”

Truth is, it’s a strategy largely untapped by the majority of Americans, yet fully approved for use by the IRS.

It’s safe, so long as you go about it responsibly.

It’s reliable, so much so that I’ll even show you how it works in both UP and DOWN stock markets.

It even has built-in safety benefits.

For example, your spouse isn’t just included – your spouse is protected!

So if you were to pass on, your suddenly widowed spouse – in most cases — continues to collect in full every month.

It’s even exempt from your estate taxes.

That’s right. It’s tax-free.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re already retired…

Planning to retire in the next 5 to 10 years…

Or if you’re already getting Social Security checks.

You can join the fast-growing group of Americans using this strategy…

And collect this kind of extra income every 30 days.

Bottom line: The fact that you’re reading this means there’s a good chance you’ll be able to take advantage of this little-known income stream.

I’ll show you exactly how in a minute.

And – if you qualify – you’ll even determine how much you’ll earn every month.

So let’s get right to the nitty gritty…

The “76% Stimulus Plan
It’s the Retirement Secret 99% of
Americans Haven’t Heard of (Until Now)

I’m Bob Carlson, founder of Retirement Watch.

After 20+ years writing my newsletter, giving timely retirement advice to tens of thousands of readers…

And having served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Fairfax County (Virginia) Employees’ Retirement System and its $3.8 billion in assets…

I’ve seen my fair share of unethical, misleading schemes targeting retirees.

And I will admit to some skepticism when I first heard about this income-boosting program.

So I did what I always do.

As a formally trained accountant and estate planning lawyer, I dug in and vetted the program.

And what I discovered was a little-known way to build a new store of wealth.

A retirement income tool so powerful, and so important for my readers to learn about and see for themselves…

I coined it the “76% Stimulus Plan.”

So Why Haven’t You Heard
About this Income-Boosting Plan?

Truth is, unless you grew up in Maine back in 1961…

And had the good fortune of knowing a football coach’s wife who lived there at the time…

You’re probably not too familiar with this Plan.

You see, this “coach’s wife” was officially the first American to try it out.

She did it through an unprecedented legal loophole no one had ever tried.

And it turned out to be a stroke of genius.

She was able to maintain her standard of living after her husband died… by supplementing her monthly income — in a perfectly legal way.

Little did she know she’d just helped launch one of today’s savviest retirement strategies.

For the next three decades, the Plan was used only sporadically, and without much structure or regulation.

Finally, in 1998, the little-known Plan was officially made into law.

Ten years later, though, the financial crisis took hold of America, and the Plan faded into the background.

Yet it never went away.

And now that the economy’s gotten back on track…

The Plan is making a quiet comeback.

As I said, more and more retirees – especially younger Baby Boomers — are taking advantage.

Not only that, but financial planners are increasingly recommending it as a retirement planning strategy.

So I owe it to my readers to share everything I know about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

(As I said, there’s a good chance you’ll qualify for it, too. More on that in a moment).

First, I want to show you how — with the “76% Stimulus Plan” in hand — you can…

Collect Nearly 2X More Money Than
Your Regular Social Security Check
(And It’s Tax-Free!)

A researcher at Stanford University recently helped set the record straight on retirement income.

With help from the Society of Actuaries, he compared the results of 292 retirement income strategies, focusing on two key questions:

  1. When should Social Security benefits begin?
  2. At what rate should other money be spent?

The results were a bit surprising, but conclusive just the same:

The study showed the absolute best way for (most) retirees to withdraw their nest egg money.

They dubbed it the “spend safely in retirement” strategy, and it’s now used to help people figure out if they have enough money to retire.

One of the strongest takeaways: tax-free cash gives you greater control to secure your retirement.

The 76% Stimulus Plan does exactly that.

Tax-free, monthly payments for life (or for a set period of time that you establish).

Did I mention the 76% Stimulus Plan is tax-free?

Consider this.

While Americans are sorting through the new tax law, and what it means for their finances…

The government is fast on the prowl, devising sneaky new ways to snatch your retirement money.

That’s what makes the 76% Stimulus Plan so timely, and so smart.

Whatever comes out of Washington, D.C. won’t make a bit of difference.

That’s because you’ll be two steps ahead, as you’re about to learn.

In fact, I view the Plan as nothing short of…

A Legal Way to Thwart
Uncle Sam’s Ongoing Attack
On Your Retirement Savings

I’ve been sounding the alarm for months.

Congress is going after your retirement plans.

Count on it. Reducing your tax benefits is front and center on their agenda.

Fortunately, the new tax law features none of the retirement money-grab proposals they set out with.

But in reality, it’s only a matter of time.

Here’s someone who shares this concern:

Michael Kreps of Groom Law Group.

You likely haven’t heard of him, but he’s a pretty big deal.

Kreps recently represented the Save Our Savings Coalition – a major campaign aimed at road-blocking changes to retirement tax incentives.

In other words, this guy’s on our side.

Kreps visited a number of Republican congressional offices during the tax reform campaign.

And the message was crystal clear.

There’s a bullseye on your retirement money.

As he recently stated, “retirement tax incentives continue to be an irresistible source of potential revenue for lawmakers.”

Politicians will never admit it, but to them it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

And they’re squaring up for their first shot.

Congress is likely to be taxing or shutting down some retirement strategies, starting with the Big One:

Reducing or eliminating the pretax benefits of your 401(k) plans.

Insiders are calling it “Rothification,” after the Roth IRA.

Whatever they’re nicknaming it, a move of this magnitude will be devastating to retirees.

There’s no getting around it.

Uncle Sam will wage war on your retirement money by taxing or shutting down a number of retirement strategies…

Except for one — because they won’t be able to touch it:

The 76% Stimulus Plan.

It lets you take matters into your own hands. You generate more income, and get to keep more of your money safe and sound.

And as I mentioned, there’s nothing the government can do to take away the monthly cash flow or lump sum this IRS-approved strategy generates.

The way I see it, there’s only one thing standing in the way of widespread adoption of this retirement income strategy:


Most people don’t know this even exists.

Yet there’s good reason why more than 1 million Americans are using it.

(And why growth estimates in the coming years are as high as 100% to 150%.)

The Plan works.

So let me explain how YOU can get…

Up to 76% MORE than
What Social Security Pays:
The “Sleep Well at Night”
Retirement Strategy

Plain and simple…

With this Plan in hand, you’re able to create a lifetime income stream, completely tax-free.

And – so long as you keep your financial assets in good standing – your money stays with you, tax-free.

Protected by U.S. law.

What’s more, you may never have to settle for low-interest income vehicles like savings accounts and CDs.

You won’t have to worry about volatile dividend-paying investments, either.

I consider it the perfect “sleep well at night” retirement income strategy…

Tax-free cash flow… without the risk of the stock market.

In fact, many who use the Plan do so as a “hedge” against corrections in the stock market.

In other words, if your stocks fall, or your dividend income takes a hit…

The “76% Stimulus Plan” makes up for it… by effectively taking its place.

Think of it as a tax-free “back-up plan” in case your stocks and investments crash.

Here’s an example I like to use:

Suppose there’s a sudden correction in the stock market, like the one we went through recently.

Naturally, you want to avoid selling your investments for less than you paid.

And the last thing you need is an increase in your living expenses, while watching your nest egg take a hit.

Enter the “76% Stimulus Plan.”

By enrolling in the Plan, you can use the new tax-free cash flow to pay for living expenses…

While waiting for your portfolio to recover. Once it does bounce back, you can resume your normal portfolio withdrawals.

This way, you never have to worry about cutting into your retirement nest egg.

Not only that, but using the Plan gives you even greater financial flexibility by deferring withdrawals from your 401(k), IRA or pension plan.

And there’s one other benefit I haven’t even mentioned…

Another Way to Take Control of
Your Retirement (Should You Need It)

No one likes being saddled with debt. Especially in retirement.

But if you do carry some debt, the 76% Stimulus Plan has a silver lining:

It actually lets you pay it off faster.

And the reason is quite simple.

Under the Plan, you’ll have more income each month, which means more money to pay down your debt.

And what if you have no debt?

Even better.

You can use your new monthly cash flow anytime, on anything you want.

Have a bucket list? Go ahead and tick off some boxes…

Whatever pleases you.

The cash is yours to spend however you see fit.

So with that in mind…

Here’s How To Get Started… (AND
Claim Your Free Hardcover Copy
Of My New Rules of Retirement)

New Rules of Retirement

My publisher was against this at first.

He already considers my Retirement Watch newsletter the best bargain in the retirement planning industry.

After all, every member gets a full month to check out the service and review all my work (12 years’ worth!) risk-free.

Still, I insisted on going one step further…

By giving away a free hardcover copy of my book, The New Rules of Retirement.

Whether you’re retired, or planning for it, the information and content is simply too important not to have.

For example…

  Page 29:   I show you how to secure and maximize guaranteed lifetime income

  Page 194:   How to avoid paying hidden “Stealth Taxes” in the tax law

  Page 232:   How a small sum can build a large legacy (the “Installment Plan”)

  Page 145:   The 5 steps for evaluating long-term care insurance

  Page 113:   How to save big on the little-known Medicare Advantage Plan

  Page 40:   Social Security: How to never leave money on the table

  Page 43:   Advanced spousal strategies for extra income & benefits

Those are just a few samples.

Inside the book’s 316 pages you’ll find a treasure trove of actionable ideas you can use for your retirement planning.

I’m not stopping with the free hardcover book, though.

Or the brand-new report on the research I’ve told you about today: The Tax-Free Lifetime Income Stream that Pays Up to 76% MORE than Social Security.

On top of all this, I’ve prepared 5 additional FREE reports you’ll have in your hands the minute you become a Retirement Watch member.

Here they are:

Report #1: Keep Your Nest-Egg Safe from the IRS Money Grab

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Report #4: How to Insure Your Way to a Rock Solid Retirement

Report #5: Your 20 Minute Estate Plan: Building a Lasting Legacy

I call this series my 5-volume Worry Free Retirement Library.

Everything is yours today when you agree to a 30-day test-drive of my monthly advisory, Retirement Watch.

Take a look at some of the other benefits you’ll get as a new member:

Retirement Watch: It’s Like Having a Full-Time Retirement Planner at Your Side

Not to sound glib, but the reality is…

Mass-market retirement advice doesn’t pay off for most Americans.

From books and magazine articles… to retirement seminars and cable TV talking heads…

They may touch on some good points, but they don’t speak to your specific issues.

That’s where Retirement Watch comes in.

I do all the heavy lifting for you. Retirement financial strategies are my passion.

I enjoy studying the facts and teaching others the strategies I develop. I like examining the whole retirement financial picture.

I especially like being an independent “financial guide” for my readers.

I don’t get compensated by selling you investments, and am not associated with a financial services firm selling its own line of products.

What I look for are ideas that carry the lowest sales costs possible.

But those are just a couple of reasons why you should try my Retirement Watch advisory service.

There’s so much more you’ll get as a member, including these exclusive benefits:

  1. You’ll Be Confident and Secure in the Soundness of Your Plan.

    The bottom line at Retirement Watch is letting you confidently make decisions and plans about your financial future.

    You’ll know that the advice you read in each monthly issue is based on my independent, thorough research. I don’t have a hidden agenda.

    You can read my advice with confidence, confidence that I have researched the topic as thoroughly as I can – whether it’s a money-saving tax tip or a new income-generating mutual fund recommendation. Know that I’m giving you the same advice I would give to a close friend or family member.

  2. You Will Pay Lower Taxes, Perhaps Dramatically Lower.

    Make no mistake: older Americans are a target for the taxman.

    You have to plan and be vigilant to ensure you don’t sneak into a marginal tax bracket of 70% or higher.

    Retirement Watch readers know that they’ll learn the latest and best tax reduction strategies. They also know that they’ll be warned of tax traps and tax strategies that don’t work.

    The tax law changes frequently and quickly. The new tax law is no exception. You need a source you can rely on to bring the latest changes and strategies to you.

  3. Your Financial Life Will Be Much Simpler.

    Your investments and every other aspect of your financial life will be greatly simplified.

    I don’t throw out dozens of investment ideas and let the reader decide how to organize them. I put together portfolios of recommendations that people can actually follow.

    Whether working on your estate plan, taxes, investments or other aspect of your finances, you’ll be able to cut through the babble, jargon, and numerous options in the financial marketplace to ideas and strategies that will work for you.

    And you’ll have time for the things you really want to do in retirement.

  4. You’ll Slash Costs on All Your Financial Services.

    One of my goals is to help increase your wealth — steadily and safely. It’s a whole lot easier to meet that goal if part of your money is not going to high commissions or other expenses.

    I look for great financial ideas that have very low cost.

    That’s why you’ll save money — on your investments, insurance, taxes, estate planning, and more. You’ll increase your wealth even if you don’t change a single investment.

    Most of my subscribers save far more than the cost of a subscription on the first few money-saving ideas they get from their monthly issues.

  5. Your Estate Will Go Where You Intended.

    My readers know that their hard-earned wealth will produce the legacy they want.

    They will provide for their spouses, children and grandchildren as intended.

    They’ll benefit the charities of their choice. And their businesses will continue instead of being sold for taxes.

    The myths, mistakes, and oversights that plague most estate plans don’t trap my readers.

    Rather, they rest assured that the IRS will get the minimum possible from their estate, and that the rest will be passed on to their loved ones.

  6. You’ll Know How to Respond to Changes.

    Every aspect of retirement will change regularly.

    Investments, taxes, estate planning, health care, insurance — all these areas are in the midst of revolutionary changes that will continue.

    You can be sure that I’ll be studying these changes — even anticipating them. Then I will bring you strategies and suggestions for improving your retirement plan and helping you to create the retirement you desire.

    I’ve brought my members word on all the changes to date, and I’ve kept them ahead of the curve. The record is clear, and we’ll keep building on it.

What You Don’t Know
About Retirement Can Hurt You

There’s an old saying, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” That is especially true regarding retirement planning.

There are good ways and bad ways to estimate the amount of money you’ll need for retirement. But a new study reveals that using any of these methods, even a bad one, is better than not doing an estimate at all.

That’s because those who make some attempt at planning end up accumulating about four times as much money than those who don’t plan at all.

They are also more confident and satisfied in retirement. In a word, those who plan have more successful retirements than those who don’t make some kind of plan.

Planning a successful retirement isn’t that difficult… if you have the right information. And that’s what I’ll provide you each month in Retirement Watch and in-between issues on the members’ website.

Every month, I’ll bring you my latest research and insights on a range of retirement issues. (I cover topics I haven’t even touched on in this report.)

Most other advisors cannot do the amount of research I do. They are meeting with clients, searching for new clients, and managing their offices — all while trying to work for their current clients.

That’s what makes my monthly service so valuable, even if you already use one or more financial advisors. I bring you fresh ideas each month. When you believe one looks good for your situation, show it to your advisors and discuss how to use it.

In fact, I’m the advisor the advisors look to… because there is nothing close to what Retirement Watch delivers each month.

You simply won’t find another resource that does the kind of research I do, brings you the unique insights and strategies you’ll find in each monthly issue, and covers the range of retirement financial issues you’ll find in Retirement Watch.

Today, I want you to join our family of Retirement Watch members.

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  4. How to Insure Your Way to a Rock Solid Retirement : Protect your wealth and your family’s financial future from the staggering medical costs facing retirees with these cost-effective strategies.
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100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Bob Carlson
Bob Carlson
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