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Each month in this new webinar series, I’ll discuss the most important retirement topic of the day, and give you all the actionable takeaways you need to take advantage.

Whether it’s making sure you’re out in front of big directional swings in the market… or positioning your wealth to stay ahead of our new tax laws (see below)… or even locking down your estate to make sure your heirs get everything they deserve…

Each month you’ll come away knowing exactly what to do to make the most of your retirement.

Here’s a look at my first Spotlight webinar, in which I reveal in detail how to protect yourself if the market experiences a sudden correction…

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Here’s what you’ll take away from my first Spotlight Seminar:

Remember, extended market booms tend to end in bangs, not whimpers.

It’s absolutely critical that you set your strategy for the coming bear market now… before it’s too late.

What You Can Expect from Installment #2 of my Spotlight Series:

Long-term Care Expenses: It’s the biggest retirement fear of most Americans, and it makes or breaks most retirement plans.

In fact, not only is the most common mistake NOT providing for long-term care in their retirement plans…

But of those who DO, many pay a whopping 100% more than they should for long-term care insurance!

In Spotlight Seminar #2, I’ll show you:

In Spotlight Seminar #3, I explain how the new tax laws will shake up your retirement finances.

Everyone in or nearing retirement wants to know how the new tax law affects them.

Truth is, the early versions of the tax bill had a lot of changes proposed for retirement accounts. But the final version came out much differently.

So, not only do I explain all the changes in simple, plain English… I also show you how to get a leg up on what’s happening.

That includes exactly what changes were made that affect your retirement accounts and IRAs (and also what didn’t change.)

I’ll also share what you need to know right now about IRA conversions, what’s changing in the tax law, and more.

Seminar #4: How the New Tax Law Shakes Up Your Retirement Finances

When President Trump’s new tax laws took effect earlier this year, they changed the rules of the game when it comes to your income and retirement. Strategies that formerly afforded you tax savings were changed and new laws were introduced. How you take advantage of these changes will have an enormous impact on your golden years.

In Spotlight Seminar 4, I’ll take you through the recent tax law changes and how to best use them to your advantage, including…

The New Rules Concerning IRA to Roth conversions

The New Amounts for Exemptions, Tax Rates & Limits for Single, Joint or HOH Filers

The Only 2 Exceptions to the New Lower Tax Rates

New Tax Rates for Estate and Trust Income, Capital Gains and Dividends

The New Rules for Standard Deductions and Alternative Minimum Taxes

Which Stealth Taxes Were Eliminated, and Which Were Retained

What the End of the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction Means for You

Which 4 Itemized Deductions Have Been Eliminated in 2018

9 Changes to Business Tax Law that Could Make or Break Your Company

7 Strategies for Tax Savings that Survived the 2018 Changes

How 2018 Tax Changes Affect Your Investments

Seminar #5: Maximizing Your Home Pension

For many Americans, the single largest asset they own is their home. Unfortunately, home equity is also the single most underused asset for retirement planning. When you know how to take advantage of the opportunities your home equity provides, you can create a significant source of lifetime retirement, you can use it to pay off debt, or you can….

In Spotlight Seminar #5, I’ll show you…

2 Ways to Generate Cash Flow or Retirement Income from Home Equity

6 Reasons Why Changing Your Home May Mean a More Comfortable Retirement

How “Rightsizing” Your Home Can Save You $3,250 a Year, Starting Now

How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Mistakes in Determining Retirement Income

6 Uses You May Not Have Thought of for Reverse Mortgage Payouts

How to Navigate the 3 New Rules for Borrowing on Home Equity

The 7 Main Benefits Realized from a Home Equity Line of Credit

The Benefits of Taking Lump Sum vs. Regular Payments from Home Equity

How Waiting to Take Advantage of Home Equity Can Save You $35,298

As you can see, there’s a lot to cover. That’s why I developed my Spotlight Series in the first place.

And, frankly, you can’t put a price on good retirement advice. But my subscribers tell me otherwise:

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