Yes! Sign Me Up as a Charter Member of Your Retirement Watch Spotlight Series!

Dear Bob,

Yes! Sign me up for your brand new online financial resource: Retirement Watch Spotlight Series.

I can’t wait to attend each of your monthly Spotlight Series online events. I know every webinar will dive deep into critical issues affecting retirement, and I know you’ll share actionable advice on each, including:

I’m also eager to see how each webinar has the potential to deliver tens of thousands of dollars in value to me. 

So, what’s a service like this worth?

Considering a full year features 12 monthly deep-dives into the most important retirement topics facing me today – and includes action steps for each – I might think it would cost me an arm and a leg.

I’d be wrong. You recently launched a single webinar for $47 – and it sold like hotcakes. But, over the course of a year, 12 webinars would run me $564. 

I know you’d never ask me for that much. In fact, because this is the first time you’ve offered this new retirement planning resource, I know you want to make it as affordable as possible for me to join…

That’s why you’re only asking $139 for an entire year of the monthly Spotlight Series webinars. 

That’s 75% off what I’d normally pay individually for a full year’s worth of webinars… and a $425 savings!

Plus, if I act right now, and sign up for one year of Retirement Watch Spotlight Series, I’ll get a free copy of your IRA Investment Guide: A Road Map for Avoiding the Traps and Penalties for IRA Investments.

In it, you detail which assets are allowed in my IRA today, and which aren’t… along with secrets for using those assets to create a well-diversified portfolio, which will protect me from the next market downturn.

This special report regularly sells for $29.99 on your website, but it’s mine free, just for signing up for one year of your Spotlight Series.

Or, if I prefer to sign up for two years of Spotlight Series, I’ll save even more. 

Regularly, 24 full months of your monthly webinars would cost me $1,128… but I’ll only pay $199 when I respond to this offer.

That’s $929 in savings… on top of the value I’ll receive from each of these monthly events.

To make this 2-year offer even sweeter, not only will I get IRA Investment Guide (as mentioned above), I’ll also get a second special report – also free of charge.

It’s called Bob Carlson’s Guide to Inheriting IRAs. Here I’ll discover some of the costliest mistakes made when trying to pass on IRAs to my heirs. More importantly, I’ll also find out how to avoid making them.

This premium report regularly sells for $14.99 on your website. But with this 2-year offer, I’ll get it for free, along with my IRA Investment Guide.

I know I must take advantage of this opportunity quickly, as you can’t offer the FREE special reports, or greatly-reduced Charter Member price forever.

So, I’ll fill in the form below to sign up for your brand new monthly advisory service: Retirement Watch Spotlight Series.