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Electronic Wills Are Coming

November 20, 2019

Very slowly but surely, estate planning law is catching up to modern technology. The latest development paves the way for electronic wills in most states. An electronic will, or e-will, is one that recognizes the traditional formalities of a will when they’re in an electronic format. An e-will can be written in an electronic medium, […]

Ethical Wills – How to Transfer Your Values to Future Generations

November 20, 2019

You have more than the money and property in your estate to leave your loved ones. More and more people are interested in leaving something more meaningful and intangible as part of their legacies. They want to add a more personal element or statement to their estate plans. Estate planning at its most basic is […]

Will Businesses Tip Us Into a Recession?

October 28, 2019

Will consumer spending continue to support business growth, or will sagging business growth drag down consumer spending? There are two contradictory trends in the economy, and they aren’t likely to co-exist indefinitely. It is clear that business activity is slower than a year ago, and businesses are reducing their investments. Manufacturing is performing the worst. […]

7 Things About Wills You Must Know

September 24, 2019

Everyone has heard of wills, but many people don’t know some key facts about them. A will is essential to every estate plan and is a very powerful document. Many people are surprised to learn what they can do in a will, but they also are surprised what a will can’t do. First, there are […]


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How to Find the Annuity That Will Help You Meet Your Goals

July 12, 2019

More and more of the Baby Boomers and the generation before them are looking at annuities. That’s why annuities sales are increasing after bottoming out a few years ago. Annuities have a lot of critics, and some of the criticism is deserved. But annuities also have a lot of benefits, if you buy the right […]

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Will and Estate Planning Checklist Helps to Protect Heirs

April 8, 2019

Are you taking advantage of all the tools available to get your property to the next generation or other beneficiaries at a minimum cost in expenses in taxes? You are if you have taken or considered each of these factors. Do you have an up-to-date will? If you have minor children, does the will name […]

Will It Only Be a Correction or a Bear Market?

March 7, 2019

On Jan. 30, the Federal Reserve finally admitted it made a big mistake, but did the U.S. central bank take too long to realize it? The Fed tightened monetary policy aggressively in 2017 and 2018. In September 2018, it ratcheted up the rhetoric, telling investors to expect a series of interest rate increases through 2019. […]

Will the Fed Pause Too Late to Help the Economy?

January 24, 2019

The Fed will continue to tighten monetary policy, the economy will continue to slow and earnings growth will continue to decline. The real question is, “By how much?” I warned last spring that we were in the late stage of the economic cycle, and for  several months have said we’re past peak growth. Investors began […]


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