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Medicare Prescriptions Receive a Reprieve

March 11, 2014

A few weeks ago I reported on a proposal by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid to potentially limit some drugs covered by Part D. Briefly, Medicare has six classes of drugs that are protected under the program. If a doctor prescribes a drug in that class, it is considered covered. The agency proposed that […]

Reviewing Stock Market Valuation Indicators

March 6, 2014

One reason I’ve greatly reduced the time spent listening to the financial cable channels is that guests and hosts make a lot of statements that aren’t backed by or even are contradicted by data. Consider arguments about what influences stock prices. On any day you’ll find a range of people who say stock prices follow […]

Update on the Retirement Crisis

March 5, 2014

More Americans aren’t financially prepared for retirement. I’m sure that doesn’t come as surprising news to you. But it’s the conclusion from two reports that are updated annually. The Center for Retirement Research at Boston University publishes its National Retirement Risk Index, and the Employee Benefits Research Institute publishes its Retirement Readiness Rating. You can […]

More on the Annuity Puzzle

March 3, 2014

Economists think everyone should convert most of their retirement nest eggs into annuities and receive a stream of income that’s guaranteed for life. Very few people actually do that. They want to keep control and have the hope of achieving a higher return, even when they don’t invest aggressively or have a good investment track […]


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Curbing the High Cost of Retirement Medical Care

March 1, 2014

The cost of medical care continues to rise and to be the wild card in retirement plans. Reports and studies update their estimates of the cost of retirement medical care each year. They show the cost to be high and also very unpredictable for individual retirees and couples. The studies focus on average or median […]

Breaking the 4% Retirement Spending Rule

February 28, 2014

JP Morgan joins us among those who criticize the 4% rule for determining retirement spending. While widely accepted among financial planners, the rule has various weaknesses. By using the rule methodically, retirees have a major risk of spending either too much or too little in retirement based on their circumstances. JP Morgan constructed a model […]

Where Does This Bull Market Rank?

February 26, 2014

Many people are worried about the stock market rally since 2009 because they say it’s gone on too long and has to reverse soon. May not. Bespoke Investments prepared a couples of tables of the longest and strongest bull markets. Looking only at the results, this bull market could continue for a while yet before […]

Coming Changes in Medicare/Medicare Advantage

February 24, 2014

More changes, none of them positive, are on the way for those enrolled in Medicare or Medicare Advantage. First are the broader changes that apply to all Medicare prescription drug beneficiaries. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid quietly released a proposal to limit the types of drugs that are protected under the program. Those in […]

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