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The Unexplored Cause of the Financial Crisis and Stock Market Crash

July 24, 2017

Easy central bank policies and lax mortgage lending were, of course, key factors. But most discussions of the crisis don’t explain the role of what’s sometimes called the shadow money market. This consists of privately-arranged loans between banks and various investors or lenders. The loans usually were for very short terms, often five days or […]

A Case for Value Investing

July 24, 2017

Numerous studies show that an investor earns more over time by investing in stocks selling below their intrinsic value by a variety of measures. It’s known as value investing. But most investors aren’t value investors. This article explores why, with the main reason being that investors don’t have long enough time horizons. They focus on […]

Determining Risk Tolerance

July 21, 2017

As the bull market continues and investors become more complacent, investors lose track of their risk tolerance. This article identifies the key elements that go into determining your risk tolerance. I think it’s a lot better than the traditional questionnaires used by many financial firms and than the subjective, self-reported views many investors use. The […]

The Fed Still Doesn’t Need to Worry About Inflation

July 20, 2017

Many analysts and investors misunderstand inflation, and that’s caused them to misjudge markets the last few years. Most people believe that a lot of money printing by the central bank always leads to a lot of inflation. I remember making an investment presentation to a local group a year or so after the financial crisis. […]


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The Stock Market Bubble Watch

July 19, 2017

Jeffrey Kleintop of Charles Schwab & Co. recently looked at a few asset classes for signs of bubbles. The assets were selected based on questions from investors. Kleintop didn’t find any that met his definition of a bubble. But he also cautioned that some of the assets carry a lot of risk for investors at […]

Retirement Locations to Consider

July 19, 2017

Longtime readers know that I caution against using lists of “best places to retire.”What’s appealing and important to the editors of a list might not be to you. I link to them, however, so you can see a sampling of what’s available and the reasons people give for favoring different places. This list is a […]

A Case for Active Investing Management

July 17, 2017

The studies showing that active stock managers lag the indexes cause many investors to believe active management is a waste of time and money. This article makes the case that many people misunderstand those studies and draw the wrong conclusions. It points out that the studies focus only on the narrow asset class of large […]

Investing Lessons from a Stock Market Trader

July 13, 2017

A trader of 30 years’ experience decided to write a blog post listing 30 things he’s learned about investing and trading during his career. Since he’s a trader, they don’t all apply to every investor. But he has good insights and useful rules. The best strategy is one you’ll stick with. Or more correctly, the […]

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