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The Biggest Retirement Fear of Most Americans

Last update on: May 27 2020

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It’s the biggest retirement fear of most Americans, and it makes or breaks most retirement plans…

Long-Term Care.

But you don’t have to worry about long-term care expenses depleting your nest egg or taking your legacy from your family. After viewing the latest seminar in the Retirement Watch Spotlight Series, you’ll avoid the mistakes and misunderstandings that sink many people. (The most common mistake: Not even providing for long-term care in the retirement plan.)

In this installment of the Spotlight Series, you’ll learn why many people pay 100% more than they should for long-term care insurance, and the easy way you can avoid that expensive mistake. I’ll show you how to realistically estimate both the probability you’ll need long-term care and how much it is likely to cost. We’ll explore how much of your costs might be paid by Medicare and Medicaid, and why you might not want to rely on those programs. I’ll explain who can realistically plan to pay for any long-term care needs from their nest eggs.

In the seminar, I sort through the mess that’s developed in long-term care insurance. I review the alternatives to traditional long-term care insurance, give you specific examples, and show you how to determine which policy is likely to best match your goals and budget. You’ll develop a plan for dealing with any long-term care expenses that might come your way and won’t be among the many who helplessly worry that long-term care expenses will decimate their finances and plans.

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