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Scams That Target The Elderly

Last update on: Jun 05 2020

This article from Charles Schwab & Co. explains why scam artists like to target the elderly and discusses steps you can take to avoid scams.

One of the best ways to help protect yourself from financial exploitation is to stay connected to the people in your life. Scam artists often befriend lonely older people, only to take advantage of them.

If you are connected to friends and family, you’ll be a less attractive target. Stay in touch with children and siblings, and try to spend time with friends. I’d urge you to be especially wary of any new people who enter your life and want to be particularly close or try to separate you from family or lifelong friends. I know older people can feel particularly lonely and isolated after a death of a spouse and might long for company, but you should be very careful about people you meet on online dating sites.




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