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The Hibernation Economy and Beyond: Investment and Economic Review

Published on: Jun 12 2020

The economy has been in a recession or worse since mid-March. What will happen next? How should you respond?

This month’s Retirement Watch Spotlight Series is the semiannual Investment and Economic Review, and we’re going to take a deep look at those issues.

The data reports are way behind what we know is happening in the economy, and there’s a wide gap between the actions of the economy and the stock markets. On top of that, we face a higher level of uncertainty and broader range of realistic outcomes than at almost any other time in recent memory.

In this online seminar, I ignore the noise out there and focus on the facts and issues that really matter. I also puncture some myths and correct misunderstandings. Then, I explain why it would have been a mistake to sell stocks in March and the key steps that you need to follow to avoid such whipsaw sales in the future.

Finally, I tell you what I think is likely to happen next and why. Then, I explain where to invest, and where not to invest, for the next phase of this unusual cycle.

Join me in this latest edition of the Retirement Watch Spotlight Series.



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