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6 IRA Moves to Take During 2023

The halfway point of 2023 has passed. This is a good time to plan how you’ll manage IRAs for the rest of the year. Don’t be like most people and scramble in November and December. Here are some key steps most people should consider. Donate via a QCD. A qualified charitable distribution (QCD) is the […]

Facts to Know Before Taking the Social Security Lump Sum Cash Option

The Social Security Administration still is doing a disservice by coaxing applicants into taking the optional lump sum cash payment when they sign up. The beneficiaries more than pay for it over the long term. The lump sum option isn’t new. But many applicants don’t know about it until the SSA offers it to them […]

Know the Differences Between Social Security Spousal and Survivor Benefits

Among the most confusing and important Social Security issues are the differences between spousal and survivor’s benefits. Not knowing the differences can cost you or your spouse thousands of dollars in lifetime benefits. The rules are so confusing that the Social Security Administration (SSA) often makes mistakes, as documented by its Inspector General. Though survivor’s […]

More Ways To Increase Your After-Tax Investment Returns

Last week’s Retirement Watch Weekly covered ways to increase your after-tax investment returns. Let’s pick up where we left off. When your investment strategy says it’s time to sell an investment, don’t hold it for months hoping it will mature to a long-term capital gain. It might make sense to wait if it will mature […]


How To Increase Your After-Tax Investment Returns

The old adage is, “You can’t spend pre-tax returns.” After-tax returns are what count. Well, the tax rules on investments are in effect all year, but few people take advantage of that. Too many people don’t start thinking about investment taxes until near the end of the year, or even after the year is over. […]


Plan Now to Avoid Stealth Taxes this Year

Retirees and near-retirees need to worry more about Stealth Taxes than regular income taxes. Stealth Taxes include the amount of Social Security benefits added to gross income, the Medicare premium surtax (also known as IRMAA), the 3.8% net investment income tax and more. Some Stealth Taxes are directed specifically at retirees, such as the tax […]

Cashing in on Congress’ $350,000 Retirement Shocker

To read the Special Report, please click the PDF below. […]

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