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Annuities – what they are, how they work and how to choose the best type of Annuity

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Should Annuities Be Part of my Retirement Income Strategy (And How Much)?

November 13, 2018

More and more retirees are asking about annuities. Funny thing is… For many of you, part of your retirement income is already delivered as an annuity payment. Social Security is technically an annuity, providing guaranteed income for life. It also has the bonus of being indexed for inflation. Most economists recommend people purchase immediate annuities […]

Payouts Increase for Charitable Gift Annuities

October 16, 2018

The payouts from new charitable gift annuities increased as of July 1, 2018. In a charitable gift annuity, you transfer money to a charity. In return, it promises to pay you an annuity. The payout might be for your life, the joint life of you and your spouse or a term of years, whichever you […]

When to Replace Bonds with Annuities

July 31, 2018

One of the questions I receive most frequently from Retirement Watch subscribers is how to make estate planning gifts. Let’s take a look at the issues that recur among many readers. Gifts to family members are one of the staples of estate planning. But the tax law has changed, and that’s altered the role of […]

Another Reason to be Wary of Variable Annuities

January 20, 2017

Investors have received many warnings about variable annuities over the years, including in Retirement Watch. There’s another recent example of why to approach these contracts with caution. The Hartford is exercising its right to change the investment offerings in its variable annuities. Instead of offering 60 funds, holders will have to choose from 11 funds. […]

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An Argument Against Annuities

October 31, 2016

There are two broad categories of annuities. There are the simple annuities. These are immediate annuities, longevity annuities, and fixed deferred annuities. These classic, old-fashioned annuities are straightforward, easy to understand, and pay low commissions to agents and brokers. These usually are the ones I recommend in certain situations, especially to generate guaranteed income for […]

Avoiding the Major Rollover Mistakes

June 16, 2016

Retirement plan rollovers are in the news. Specifically, rollovers of 401(k)s and other qualified retirement plan accounts to individual retirement accounts (IRAs) have been making headlines. Last month we addressed the new fiduciary standard the Department of Labor imposed on those who work with IRAs. The rules were generated because the government disapproves of the […]

Annuity Links

April 29, 2016

Annuity Net Advisor Annuity Rate Watch Immediate Annuity Annuity Net Annuities Central […]

Annuities – Safe, Guaranteed Income

April 3, 2016

Protect my principal, and guarantee my income. Those are the goals of many investors today, especially those in or nearing their post-career years. Now that the equity markets no longer are rising steadily upward, investors aren’t looking for ways to match or beat the indexes. They’re looking to protect the nest eggs they’ve worked hard […]

August 2022:
Congress Comes for your Retirement Money
A devastating new law has just been enacted, with serious consequences for anyone holding an IRA, pension, or 401(k). Fortunately, there are still steps you can take to sidestep Congress, starting with this ONE SIMPLE MOVE.

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