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Bob’s Journal for 4/9

April 9, 2020

People who have tried to predict and bet on the stock indexes lately have been whipsawed. After a lot of economic activity began grinding to a halt, the stock indexes tumbled. Since most of the world’s market indexes moved in lockstep, it doesn’t matter much which index we view. At the lows of March 23, […]

Bob’s Journal for 4/2/20

April 2, 2020

Sharing Notable Events That Grabbed My Attention This Week The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Stimulus (CARES) Act rolled through Congress last week, and the President signed it on Friday. The law contains many provisions. I want to cover a few that are of most interest to my readers and that seem to raise a […]

Highlighting Notable Events That Grabbed My Attention This Week

March 26, 2020

Is It Enough? As I write, Congress is striving to pass the legislation designed to provide relief for individuals and businesses adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The Senate passed the bill, and the House is expected to pass it soon, though there’s no commitment on the timing. The bill provides cash payments to many […]

Bob’s Journal for 3/19/20

March 19, 2020

Some Notable Events That Grabbed My Attention This Week In the last week, we moved from concerns about economic growth to concerns about liquidity for businesses and individuals. The first sign of the change was the Federal Reserve’s emergency move to reduce the interest rates it controls down to zero and institute other measures. The […]

Bob’s Journal for 3/12

March 12, 2020

Many of you have seen and asked about promotions for Retirement Watch that offer a book, “The New American Retirement Plan.” This book and the promotion are a way to introduce new readers to the newsletter. You’ve seen all the material in the book, because it was taken from past issues of the newsletter. That […]

Bob’s Journal for 3/5/2020

March 5, 2020

Some Notable Events That Grabbed My Attention This Week On Monday, I was the guest on Jordan Goodman’s podcast, Money Answers, broadcast live on Voice America. We covered a wide range of retirement finance issues. You can listen to a recording of the interview at your leisure by clicking here. It’s also available on the […]

Some Notable Events That Grabbed My Attention This Week

February 27, 2020

Market and economic news in the last week were dominated by a factor from outside the markets and economy: the coronavirus that’s spreading around the globe. Also known as COVID-19, the virus has infected more than 82,400 people and killed 2,804 worldwide, as of Feb. 27, according to the New York Times. The most important […]

Bob’s Journal for 2/20

February 20, 2020

The bond bull market is back, at least for a while. Every time it appears that low market interest rates are in the past, something happens to cause rates to decline. Just a few months ago, central bankers around the world made it clear that they were more worried about deflation and recession than about […]

April 2021:
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