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Some Notable Events That Grabbed My Attention This Week

August 25, 2022

Big Announcement: My next book is at the publisher being prepared for publication. You can make a pre-publication order or review the book by clicking here and here, respectively. More of Retirees’ Social Security Benefits Pay for Medical Expenses As you know, Medicare isn’t free and doesn’t cover all retirement medical expenses. A good retirement […]

Bob’s Journal for 2/3/22

February 3, 2022

Watch Bonds, Not Stocks The financial media focuses on the stock market, but you can learn a lot more by watching the bond market. Usually, when stock prices head south, bond prices do the opposite. So far in 2022, things have been different. Stocks and bonds declined at the same time. The S&P 500 was […]

Bob’s Journal for 1/27/22

January 27, 2022

A Correction, or Worse? Last week, all the major stock indexes hit the widely acknowledged marker of a correction — a closing level at least 10% below the recent highs. The indexes hit record highs last November. As expected, the bubble stocks, high-fliers and others that did best during the bull market were the first […]

Bob’s Journal for 1/20/22

January 20, 2022

Another Pandemic Boom: Fraud and Abuse Against Elders The number of elder-fraud victims increased 55% from 2019 to 2020, according to an FBI report. Compared to previous years, there was an 83.6% increase in abuse against older people in early 2020 when all or most states had stay-at-home orders, according to a study by Yale […]

Bob’s Journal for 1/13/22

January 13, 2022

Fast Changes in the Markets Investors typically expect the future to be much like the recent past. That hasn’t been the case so far in 2022. For most of 2021 (and even before that), growth and technology stocks were the big winners. That started to change late in the year but didn’t receive a lot […]

Bob’s Journal for 1/6/21

January 6, 2022

Some Notable Events That Grabbed My Attention This Week Welcome to the first Bob’s Journal of 2022. We had a busy year in 2021, and I expect more changes and volatility throughout 2022. I look forward to helping you improve your financial independence and security through all the changes. Don’t forget to listen to or […]

Bob’s Journal for 12/30/21

December 30, 2021

Highlighting a Holiday Conundrum From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day most years, my wife, Elaine, and I like to spend time watching the classic holiday movies and specials. We enjoy watching a movie when we want to instead of when someone’s broadcasting it, so I used to record them and now mostly track which streaming […]

Bob’s Journal for 12/23/21

December 23, 2021

Capture a 7.12% Risk-Free Yield I always warn people that there’s a lot of risk behind headlines such as the one above, but that’s not the case this time. You can capture a 7.12% yield, and it’s guaranteed by the U.S. government. The yield is available through April 2022. You can earn the high yield […]


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