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Seven (or so) Things That Grabbed My Attention This Week

August 22, 2019

There were many interesting items in the news this week. Instead of focusing on one idea in detail, I’ll briefly discuss several ideas that merit your attention. Negative interest rates are more prevalent around the globe. We’re now used to government bonds in Europe and Japan having negative interest rates, effectively charging investors for the […]

Bob’s Journal for 8/15/19

August 15, 2019

There’s a lot happening in the exchange-traded fund (ETF) world, and investors should be aware of the changes. ETFs are, by at least some counts, the fastest-growing investment vehicle ever. They were created only in the 1990s but rapidly became a favorite for many investors. Thousands of ETFs were created. At one point, it was […]

Bob’s Journal for 8/8

August 8, 2019

Investors quickly need to develop a process and policy for dealing with events and issues that are well outside the usual economic and market changes. Most investors have plans for dealing with changes in Federal Reserve policy and tax policy. They know what to do, or not do, when a short-term event or new news […]

Bob’s Journal for 8/1

August 1, 2019

The U.S. economy slowed in the second quarter, but there are signs that growth is increasing in the third quarter. Last week’s gross domestic product (GDP) report for the second quarter shook many people and was said to increase the case for the Federal Reserve’s interest rate cut this week. It is important to remember, […]

Bob’s Journal for 7/25

July 25, 2019

Expectations that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates next week pushed major stock indexes to record highs. However, the fact that the rest of the stock market isn’t doing as well is a caution sign. The major indexes capture most of the headlines and are doing well as these indexes are driven by the […]

Bob’s Journal for 7/17/19

July 18, 2019

The S&P 500 has been setting records, but they’re not as impressive as they seem at first. The stock index hasn’t entered the second half of July with a year-to-date percentage gain this large since 1998. There have been only eight years since 1928 (the first year of the S&P 500) that the gain at […]

Bob’s Journal for 07/11

July 11, 2019

The technology sector is changing in ways that investors need to know. Technology has been the leading sector in the economy for some time. The growth and innovation in the sector has been a significant contributor to overall economic growth. Developments in tech have benefited most sectors of the economy. Companies have become more competitive […]

Bob’s Journal for 7/3/19

July 3, 2019

Several interesting and important data points caught my attention this week and merit your attention. You might have seen reports noting that this month, the U.S. economy set a new record. The 121-month recovery since June 2009 is the longest period the economy has gone without a recession. The previous record was set from March […]

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