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Most Overlooked Deducations

February 1, 2003

Many taxpayers don’t take all the deductions to which they are entitled. Some think all the good deductions were eliminated in the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Others are afraid that the IRS will audit them for taking certain deductions. A lack of good records is the problem for a number of taxpayers. For most […]


How to Reduce Tax on Social Security

February 1, 2003

Each year more seniors pay taxes on Social Security benefits than did the year before, and those who already were taxed pay more. That is an inevitable result of the way the tax is structured, unless you take action to reverse things. The benefits are taxable when adjusted gross income exceeds certain levels. One big […]

Protecting Against ID Theft

January 1, 2003

Identity theft will be the crime of the millennium. It dominated the news recently when three credit card company employees were arrested for selling the data of 30,000 customers for $100 each. Fraud is perhaps the most common crime, and ID theft is another form of fraud. ID theft is growing rapidly, however, and soon […]


How Social Security Can Help Your Spouse

December 1, 2002

A key issue everyone faces is when to begin Social Security benefits. One aspect of this decision that is easy to overlook is how the choice could affect a spouse’s lifetime income. We’ve discussed when to begin Social Security benefits in past visits, most recently in the May 2002 issue (available in the Archive of […]


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Estate Planning Strategy: How to Start Savings for Grandchildren

December 1, 2002

What is the best way to get your grandchildren started on the right foot financially? Most people get the answer to this question only half-right. A goal of many grandparents is to provide some financial support for their grandchildren. Some grandparents put money aside for college education expenses. Others set up trusts, custodial accounts, or […]


How To Ensure Your Wealth Lasts During Retirement

November 1, 2002

How long will your nest egg last? Everyone who considers retirement asks that question. The question is more important as the bear market stretches on and the government confirms that life expectancy continue to increase. Long lives and an extended bear market highlight a shortcoming in many retirement plans. The traditional retirement plan assumes an […]


Where To Shop For Mutual Funds

October 1, 2002

There’s been a shake up in the world of mutual fund supermarkets. I’ve long believed that investors can maximize their investment returns by simplifying their financial lives. One way to simplify is to consolidate your investments at one mutual fund family or one broker that allows you to purchase mutual funds from different families – […]


The Key Question Most Investors Overlook

October 1, 2002

Most investors focus on the wrong question, and that costs them money. Too many investors try to answer the big question of the day. Today, the big question drawing attention is whether the bear market is ending or the stock market is getting ready for another sharp drop. A few years ago, investors searched for […]

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