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Estate Planning

Estate Planning to Secure Your Digital Assets

December 1, 2012

In just a few years digital assets sprouted from an emerging concern in Estate Planning to one of the more important issues to address. We’re moving from a paper world to a digital world, and many people don’t realize how important digital assets are to their lives or how valuable they are. They also don’t […]

Estate Planning

Transferring Digital Accounts for Estate Planning

July 1, 2011

An overlooked area of Estate Planning is the transfer of digital information. More senior Americans spend a lot of time online than a few years ago, and this online activity is as much personal as for business and must be cnosdered in your estate planning. This needs to be factored into your estate plan. Provide […]

estate planning

Why You Must Include Technology in Your Estate Planning

June 1, 2010

Technology needs to be part of your estate plan. I don’t mean the do-it-yourself tools available on the web to write a will or trust. I mean the technology you use regularly must be incorporated into your plan. The privacy policies and practices at most technology providers you deal with make it difficult for your […]


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