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Early Retirement

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10 Reasons to Think Twice About Early Retirement

August 9, 2019

Early retirement is a goal of some people and a dream for many. There’s a lot of appeal in the idea of being financially independent and no longer tied to a job when people are still young enough to engage in a wide range of activities. Early retirement can mean living wherever you want and […]

Signs You Retired Too Early

September 13, 2017

Retiring early is the goal for many people, but you can retire too early. Both you and your finances need to be ready for your working years to end. This article lists five signs that you might have retired too early and should consider going back to work. Retirement wasn’t quite what you expected, and […]

Is Early Retirement Over?

February 23, 2017

The choices of older workers will have a lot of influence on U.S. growth in coming years. The population is aging, and that usually reduces growth. But last year there was a break in a long trend. Older Americans didn’t retire at the same rate as in recent years. Maybe it’s a blip. But maybe […]

Retired at 30

May 1, 2013

Apparently there’s a guy in Colorado who, along with his wife, retired by the time he was 30. He also has a blog that attracted a fair amount of attention. You can read his story in this article. His story supports a conversation I’ve had many times. Someone will ask me, “When can I retire.” […]


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