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Building the Legacy Plan

December 1, 2006

What is your legacy plan? Most people are familiar with estate plans. The goals of the estate plan are to ensure that assets are transferred to the people you want in the most efficient manner, that is with the smallest burden in taxes and other expenses. The standard estate plan includes a will, a financial […]


How to Put Together a Disaster Recovery Kit

July 1, 2006

The 2005 hurricane season caused many people to focus on an issue that had seemed remote. But millions of people realize they are more vulnerable to disasters than they had thought. A surprise to many people is that the potential damage to their persons and property is not the only concern. Personal information and documents […]

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Estate Planning for Pets

June 1, 2006

Often a pet is a cherished member of the household. If that is the case, you might want to include the pet in the estate plan. This is particularly true of single people or owners of unusual or exotic pets that the heirs of the property estate are unable or do not wish to care […]

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Estate Planning Strategies to Give and Protect Wealth

February 1, 2006

Many people know why making gifts is part of most estate plans. Yet, they hesitate to make the gifts, because they see potential pitfalls. They fear that the gifts might be spent unwisely or wasted. The donee could squander the assets on gambling, substance abuse, or other activities. Or the wealth could be well-managed for […]


Having the Last Word

September 1, 2005

Most estate plans are missing a key ingredient. Too many estate planners do not recommend it, and it isn’t even mentioned in many estate planning discussions. One reason might be that, despite its importance, the document is not legally binding on anyone. This document can clear up a lot of issues. It can save time […]

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Eight Key Estate Planning Questions

July 1, 2005

Estate Planning is not about reducing estate taxes. That always was the case, but few people realized the importance of the non-tax factors until the 2001 tax law began the phase out of the estate tax. Every estate plan, regardless of the estate’s size, needs to address certain issues. Ignore these issues, and your heirs […]


Get a Jump on Charitable Giving

July 1, 2005

Charitable giving tends to be clustered in the last couple of months of the year. But if you want to maximize charitable giving and your after-tax wealth, begin your charitable gift planning now. Instead of rushing the process in the busy year-end period, take the time today to plan the best way to make gifts […]

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Using and Misusing the Marital Deduction for Estate Planning

April 1, 2005

The marital deduction is key to most estate plans of married couples. It can wipe out the entire estate tax liability. But misuse of the marital deduction can create a larger long-term tax bill or cause non-tax problems. Let’s look at how to use the marital deduction and avoid misusing it. The estate tax is […]

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