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How Annual Family Meetings Help You Leave a Legacy

May 1, 2007

In the financial and estate planning industry a current rage is The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall, a book that recently was made into a movie. The novel is about a very wealthy man who realized that his wealth could not buy him what really matters. Throughout his life, he attempted to make his loved […]


Simple Ways to Build Bullet-Proof Trusts

April 1, 2007

Estate planners love trusts. They solve many problems and help achieve goals. In recent years, trusts have moved from the estate plans of the very wealthy into the plans of many families. Too often, however, trusts operate as bombs that explode and shred estate plans. Fortunately, there are simple steps that will avoid the common […]

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Charitable Gifts: New Rules

April 1, 2007

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 changed the rules for deducting charitable contributions. You need to know these rules or contributions that were deductible in the past will not be deductible on your 2007 return. Cash donations. It used to be that for cash contributions of less than $250, you did not need a receipt […]


How to Build the Family Venture Capital Fund

April 1, 2007

Most people want to help their children and grandchildren, but they want to provide more than money. One goal is to ensure the future generations are hard-working and productive citizens who have initiative. Another goal is to perpetuate the family’s values. One of the values in some families is entrepreneurship. By encouraging entrepreneurial activities in […]


Essential Tips and Strategies for Family Businesses

March 1, 2007

Business owners have unique concerns along with the usual estate planning issues. Business owners fear that the heirs might have to sell or dismantle the business and that the wrong people might run it. Those results can be avoided, but the owner must plan carefully and implement the plan. The first major estate planning issue […]


How to Find the Best State to Place Your Trusts

March 1, 2007

Trusts today often are key to providing for the futures of grand-children. Trusts even can protect assets so that they last for multiple generations. Traditionally, a trust would be set up in the trust creator’s state of residence or in the state where the key beneficiaries reside. Sometimes, the creator favored a particular trustee and […]


The Basics of Building an Estate Plan

February 1, 2007

Estate Planning is coming back on radar screens. Uncertainty over the direction of estate taxes and the probability that the estate tax would be eliminated caused many people to ignore their plans the last few years. They did not want to spend time and money on a plan that might be unnecessary or need major […]

estate planning

How to Make Unlimited Tax-Free Gifts

January 1, 2007

Anyone can make unlimited tax-free gifts. The strategy gets wealth out of your estate, and unlike many other gifts, you can be sure of how the money will be used. The strategy of maximizing tax-free gifts is growing in popularity, especially since the change in Congress makes it unlikely that elimination of the estate tax […]

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