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Estate Planning Basics

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Estate Planning

How to Complete Your Estate Planning Strategy

January 1, 2011

Most estate plans are woefully incomplete, and heirs and loved ones often suffer. Of course, too many people don’t have any estate plan. Of those that do, some think a living trust or joint title to assets with their spouse is all they need. Others think a will and trust is a complete estate plan. […]

Estate Planning

Knowing What to Review Your Estate Planning Strategy

September 1, 2010

Congress still is dithering and debating what the estate tax will be after 2010. That’s no reason for you to procrastinate and delay starting a plan if you don’t have one or taking a look at your existing plan. There could be many dangers and pitfalls other than taxes lurking in your plan, and with […]

Estate Planning

Knowing When to Revise Your Estate Planning Strategy

August 1, 2010

What do Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper have in common, other than being recently-deceased actors? Each left behind messy estate problems because he didn’t update his plan. It looks like attorneys will receive a nice piece of each estate and of the bank accounts of the contending heirs. You can find details in mainstream media, […]

estate planning

Choosing the Right Estate Planning Options

December 1, 2009

The foundation of every family estate plan is formed from the same tools and strategies. No matter the size of your estate and how simple or complex it is, you’ll begin by choosing from this basic menu. You don’t want a cookie-cutter estate plan. There are variations of these tools, and many plans need additional […]

How to Climb the Estate Planning Ladder

November 1, 2009

Estate Planning overwhelms many people. Planners use their own language. As estate owner you have to choose from many strategies. The complications lead to procrastination and unfinished plans. One way to break the procrastination and creates a plan is to use an estate planning ladder. The ladder starts with a basic estate plan. You move […]

estate planning

The Keys to Estate Planning

October 1, 2009

In fewer than 10 years Estate Planning changed dramatically and still is changing. When I first wrote about estate planning, estate taxes were the driver of most plans. Even middle class Americans – modest millionaires we called them – needed plans to avoid estate taxes. The estate tax code changed dramatically. The 2001 tax law […]

estate planning

Why Estate Planning Details are Important

September 1, 2009

I regularly remind readers about the nitty gritty details of Estate Planning?stating who pays debts and taxes, ensuring whether the estate will have enough cash, and appointing executors and trustees. These are not as exciting as the issues that are most discussed, such as tax reduction strategies, but these are the key issues that determine […]

estate planning

Estate Planning Issues to Remember

August 1, 2009

Estate Planning discussions tend to focus on the big picture, big money issues. Who receives what? Should we use a living trust to avoid probate? If estate taxes are a possibility, the menu of estate tax reduction strategies is considered. There are a host of other issues that often are overlooked. Sometimes the estate planner […]

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