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How to Help Grand kids Avoid Debt

September 1, 2006

The best gifts to leave heirs often are not wealth or things. Knowledge, values and good habits are more important. From my vantage point, the best thing an older person can do for a younger one today is to provide an education on debt and debt management. Today’s youth do not learn about debt management […]


How to Avoid Mismanagement of Inheritance

August 1, 2006

Many estate plans ultimately fail. The problems are not with the plans. The owners spent a fair amount of time and money preparing and executing the plans. The problem with many estate plans is the final stage. The heirs are not prepared to receive the wealth. So they mishandle it. Or they did not know […]


Types of Trusts and Reasons for Using Them

August 1, 2006

Trusts are not used primarily for reducing taxes any more. And trusts are not only for the wealthy. The non-wealthy are more financially sophisticated and have more wealth than in the past. The non-wealthy turned to trusts in recent years and for reasons other than tax reduction. In this part of the visit, we’ll review […]

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Estate Tax Still in Limbo, Estate Planning Might Need Adjusting

August 1, 2006

Congress still is struggling in its attempts to make some sort of estate tax permanent. The current law will eliminate the estate tax in 2010 but restore the pre-2002 tax law in 2011. Without a change that means in a few years a large number of middle class estates will pay significant estate taxes. Attempts […]


How to Put Together a Disaster Recovery Kit

July 1, 2006

The 2005 hurricane season caused many people to focus on an issue that had seemed remote. But millions of people realize they are more vulnerable to disasters than they had thought. A surprise to many people is that the potential damage to their persons and property is not the only concern. Personal information and documents […]

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Estate Planning for Pets

June 1, 2006

Often a pet is a cherished member of the household. If that is the case, you might want to include the pet in the estate plan. This is particularly true of single people or owners of unusual or exotic pets that the heirs of the property estate are unable or do not wish to care […]

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TopReasons for Buying Real Estate for College

June 1, 2006

The room at college doesn’t have to be an expense. It can be a tax break, with the potential for income and capital gains. It also might be a way for parents or grandparents to acquire a retirement home or second home. You can get these benefits by purchasing a place for your grandchild or […]


How Planned Disclaimers Can Improve an Estate Plan

June 1, 2006

A key to successful Estate Planning these days is flexibility. Scheduled changes in the federal estate tax, and the possibility of additional changes, make flexibility essential. In past visits we have discussed language that can be included in wills to increase flexibility. Another tool to make available to your heirs is the disclaimer. Normally, disclaimers […]

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